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The Ontario Landlords Association (OLA) and its sister organization The Canada Landlords Association (CLA) are leading provincial and national organizations for private small residential landlords. We provide a unified voice for private landlords and promote and protect landlord interests to national and local government.

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The Forum That Changed The Industry Is Back Better Than Ever!  As Landlords Face Huge Challenges Experienced and Successful Landlords & Property Managers Are Here To Help You!

-Network With 1000s of Successful Ontario Landlords & Expert Property Managers

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-Chat With Real Landlords, Avoid Paying $1000’s to “landlord reps” Who Charge You With No Guarantees Of Success

It wasn’t that long ago the serious concerns of small landlords went unheard. There was no voice for small landlords. Nothing. No one cared about our concerns.


Ontario Landlords Campaign Against Discrimination

Let’s Make Sure Every Landlord In Ontario Follows The Human Rights Code And Doesn’t Discriminate

Many Ontario landlords were surprised to read a story in the Toronto Star about a tenant applicant who was being discriminated against.

This was an applicant most experienced and successful landlords would consider to potentially be an ideal tenant…someone we all want to rent from us.

She had a strong financial history (with good credit and a good job). She was established with good references.

However, she found herself being regularly refused by landlords because, she believes, strictly due to her race.

It was not only surprising but also shocking because our members are aware of the Human Rights Code and follow it.

Ontario Landlords Association Defends Small Landlords

A member of the Ontario Landlords Association was in the Toronto Star story defending all the good landlords out there. The member explained:  

“We educate our members on the laws and rules in Ontario.  We also educate landlords on what ‘really matters’ when screening (such as a credit and reference check, conversations with the tenants, etc.)”

“We teach you should never turn away a qualified tenant applicant because of their race, place of birth or beliefs.”

In our Ontario landlord forum one landlord commented on the Star story:

“You would have to be nuts to not rent to qualified applicants no matter where they are from or what they look like. These must be very inexperienced landlords and they won’t last.”

Another member said – “This makes us all look bad! I’m angry at these landlords! Learn the law!”

Ontario Landlords Association Members Follow The Rules

Our province-wide landlord community wants to fix the system to help good landlords, good tenants and increase the rental supply in Ontario.

This is the reason our province-wide community organization started over a decade ago…to improve the rental industry for both good landlords and good tenants.


Tenant: 99% Of N12 “Own Use” Applications Are FAKE! How Tenants Can Fight Back!


As part of our “Let’s Improve the Ontario Rental Industry” we have invited landlords and tenants to share their opinions on how we can make these improvements. These opinions are from individual contributors and are not the opinions of the Ontario Landlords Association. We believe by fostering communication between landlords and tenants we can improve the Ontario rental industry. 

Landlords Are Using N12 “Own Use” Application As An Illegal Weapon To Evict Tenants To Raise the Rent By Thousands of Dollars. You Can Fight Back And You Can Win!

You are living in your home and suddenly your landlords serves you with an N12 “own use” application to kick you to the curb with little warning.

For those who don’t know, the Landlord and Tenant Board form N12 means the landlord orders you to move because they, their child, or their parents are going to move in.

Sounds fair, right?


As most landlords just use this to kick tenants to the curb because “you are too demanding” or “they want to raise the rent by hundreds or thousands of dollars” to new tenants.

In many cases this is simply a way to hurt you and your family as CBC news reports.

Many innocent tenants just leave as they believe it and want to ‘do the right thing.’

Because tenants respect the laws and rules and always want to do the right thing we are victimized.

After all, they are saying they will move in a grandparent or one of their children and tenants respect grandparents and children. Unlike landlords, tenants are family and community oriented. We rent homes to grow and build our lives and families, and are not using homes to “make profits”.

Tenant Innocence Allows Bad Landlords To Illegally Kick You Out For More Profits!

99.99% of the tenants who move out once they get an N12 “Own Use” LTB application are getting ripped off and illegally defrauded!

Yes, it’s that many victims of landlord fraud!

Welcome To Tenant Genocide Via The False Use Of the N12! They Want To Destroy Us!

There are so many N12s given out every day. There is even a terrific website that allows you to report “fake” N12/Own Use applications!

You can report your landlord at the N12 Registry

C’mon, are there really thousands of parents or adult children really moving to the rental property?

No way!

It’s just a way for landlords to try to trick you , evict you, and raise rents to new tenants 

And it is illegal It’s fraud! And you can nail them! You can fight back!

Landlords Abusing The System

The reality is almost ALL N12 applications are fraudulent. It’s just an easy way to kick you out!  Fortunately tenants are fighting back to protect our homes…and tenants are WINNING!

Globe and Mail Investigation Shows Landlords Using The N12 For Fake Reasons

Even the conservative, capitalist Globe and Mail is appalled at how many landlords are using fake “own use” applications to rip off landlords.

If they are reporting on this it shows we are facing an epidemic of fraud

How Can You Fight Back And Win!

You can fight back and win.  First of all, when you receive the first notice you don’t have to do anything.

Many honest tenants will believe the landlord and “just move.”

Don’t do this!


Wait for your landlord to pay for a hearing at the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB). There they will have to “prove” what they are saying. 

Landlords who are so tough and arrogant to you change a lot at the LTB! 


Oh, they are so tough and  aggressive when they think you don’t know the law.

They think you are weak.

The think you don’t know they are frauds who will be fined and even jailed

Take Your Landlord To the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB)

If You Moved, Monitor Your Old Rental Property Like A Hawk!

You can file at the LTB if you see them re-rent within a year!

99.99% Of N12 Own Use Applications Are Fake!

Your landlord is just using this to kick you out. It’s time for tenants to fight back.  Remember

1. You Don’t Have To Move Out

Make your landlord pay to take you to the Landlord and Tenant Board. At the LTB there is a trained judge/adjudicator who will see through lies and you can drill your landlord about who wants to really move in and why! 

2. If You Moved

Monitor your former home like a hawk.  Are they advertising the unit?  Take a screen shot and file at the Landlord and Tenant Board…because that’s proof of fraud!

Go spy on your home and see if anyone moved in?  See no one? They are just leaving it empty?  Take your landlord to the Landlord and Tenant Board.

Ontario tenants can take your landlord to the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) up to 1 year after you moved out…so you can get get JUSTICE (and money).

It’s Time All Tenants Wake Up To The Fake “Own Use” Weapon Landlords Use

Are there some good and honest landlords who use this form for real reasons?


About 0.01%.

The majority use it as a way to evict good tenants from our homes because we are “too difficult demanding our homes be safe” or want to “re-rent at huge new super expensive rents”.

You can fight back…You must fight back to protect YOUR HOME and YOUR SURVIVAL in this era of Ford cutbacks and rising rents!

Tenant: I Called The By-Law Department Directly And They Ordered My Landlord To Fix Things…Or Get A Huge Fine!

As part of our “Let’s Improve the Ontario Rental Industry” we have invited landlords and tenants to share their opinions on how we can make these improvements. These opinions are from individual contributors and are not the opinions of the Ontario Landlords Association. We believe by fostering communication between landlords and tenants we can improve the Ontario rental industry


You Can Make Sure You Get Fast Repairs By Just Calling Your Local By-Laws Department Directly And Reporting Your Landlord

Sorry I’m not a professional writer or anything but people here encouraged me to share my story to help other tenants. There have been lots of great tenant posts that have helped others like How Ontario Tenants Can Easily Break a Lease, so I’ll try.

Second, this has nothing to do with all the good landlords out there who care about their tenants and make sure their rentals are safe.  This is just about the bad landlords.

I’m a single mum renting a place. As a single mum having a clean and safe property is a priority for me. So when I saw black mold in the bathroom I needed to act to protect my kids!

I called the landlord on Saturday night and texted 5 times and got no reply!

Even by Tuesday no reply, that’s 4 days of potentially poisoning my child!

I went to the Ontario tenants forum and asked others what to do and they said call the by-laws department directly and there is no need to even talk to your landlord because every city and town has laws for maintaining safe houses and tenants can call by-laws directly.

Landlords must follow the law!

By-Law Officer Was Professional And On My Side!

The by-laws officer came the next day and I asked her to do a huge, complete inspection of the rental house to protect me and my kids and she agreed.  She saw the black mold.

But it didn’t end there, as the Officer inspected the entire rental property! 

I was so happy to have help and protection for me and my family! She also found a lot of other issues (wiring, insulation) and even found the shingles were not up to code!

The by-laws officer said she would send a letter to the landlord demanding things get fixed or the landlord would be fined thousands of dollars. The landlord was also given a firm date to do the repairs, so they couldn’t “play games.”

A week later the landlord contacted me and gave me a schedule for lots of contractors to come to fix the mold and all the other issues.

I said “NO! You need to follow MY SCHEDULE or I will call the By-Law Officer again!” 

My landlord agreed fast, because he was worried that I was a smart tenant who knows my rights and he can’t treat me like crap or I will call the by-laws department again!

Tenants if you have any problems don’t even waste your time to call your landlord.  They are cheap and stingy and don’t care about you and your children at all!

Don’t waste time…call the by-laws department directly and they will come, you let them in, and you show them all the potential problems.

Then, the fight is between by-laws and your landlord, not you and your landlord.

And landlords get scared when the government is involved and will respect you and fear you for know how to protect your rights! They also know if they get fined the government will collect it.

Tenants Can Call By-Laws Directly And They Will Force Your Landlord To Make Repairs Or Get Charged Thousands of Dollars

Good landlords who take care of their rental properties don’t need to worry. But if you have a bad landlord you can call by-laws directly and make your landlord scared and obey your every command!

How Can You Contact Your Local By-Laws Department? 

Just call your city or town. And ask the receptionist to put you through to “the by-law department”.  It’s easy and they are excellent!

Ontario Tenants – Bad Landlords Are Out There But You Can Protect Yourself!

How Much Can Ontario Landlords Raise the Rent in 2020?

2020 Ontario Rent Increase Guideline Is 2.2%

Every year the government of Ontario announces what is called the “Rent Increase Guideline” for the next calendar year.

The Rent Increase Guideline means how much a landlord can increase the rent without having to go to the Landlord and Tenant Board.

(If the you want to raise the rent higher than the guideline you must get approval by the Board to do so.)

How Much Can An Ontario Landlord Raise the Rent in 2020?

Many small residential landlords are facing challenges and need to increase rents to cover their costs.

Today the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing announced the Rent Increase Guideline for next year.

You can raise the rent 2.2% in 2020

The government says this will help landlords keep up with new expenses.  But many landlords say it is unrealistic and unfair. 

How Did They Come Up With This Figure?

The Ontario annual Rent Increase Guideline is based on the Ontario Consumer Price Index (CPI). This is a a measure of inflation. It’s calculated monthly by Statistics Canada.

The CPI is regarded as an objective, reliable measure of inflation. The CPI charts the change in the price of all goods and services in the provincial economy.

However, many landlords want a new formula that better illustrates our true expenses.

How Do I Raise the Rent For My Existing Tenants?

In most cases, the rent for a unit can be increased if at least 12 months have passed since the tenant first moved in, or since his or her last rent increase. The tenant must be given proper written notice of the rent increase at least 90 days before the increase takes effect.

For more information see the Landlord and Tenant Board Website

To discuss this and other issues go to the Ontario Landlord Forum