Why do landlords dislike children with autism?

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Why do landlords dislike children with autism?

#1 Unread post by villi » October 14th, 2013, 3:10 pm


OTTAWA - An Ottawa family is ready to fight an eviction notice if necessary after neighbours complained the family's eight-year-old autistic son makes too much noise.

But even if the threat of eviction is taken off the table, Kerri Oastler and her husband John From are resigned to the fact they will probably have to move anyway.

The couple, along with son Logan, haven't even been in their townhouse a full month, but the complaints began the day they moved in.

"It was in the evening before Logan had gone to sleep and our doorbell rang," Oastler said. "Our downstairs neighbour came in and said we were making way too much noise. "

Since then, there have been more complaints from the same neighbour as well as one other. They recently received an N5 notice — which comes before an official eviction notice — telling them they have seven days to resolve the problem.

The couple said Logan can be noisy at times. His mom said sometimes he thinks he's Tigger from the Winnie the Pooh stories and will run up and down the stairs or bounce around.

But he's also an eight-year-old boy and most of his behaviour is very typical of a kid that age, the parents said. They added padded carpets to muffle more of the noise and the small workout trampoline Logan likes to jump on is in his room on the top level of the house.

"The whole thing is like a slap in the face," Oastler said.

The two neighbours who complained weren't home on Friday, but another resident from one of the attached homes, who didn't want to give his name, said he has yet to hear any disturbances. He said he didn't even know a child was living there until he saw Logan getting picked up for school recently.

Contacted Friday morning, property manager Gabby Horan had little to say.

"No comment," she wrote in an e-mail. "We were not told about the situation."

A followup e-mail from a paralegal representing Horan reiterated the company had no knowledge Logan is autistic, though From said his son's condition came up early on when they moved in.

The couple said they will wait to see if an official eviction notice arrives before filing their human rights complaint but said either way, they don't want to subject Logan to more stress, which has caused his anxiety to worsen. That might necessitate another move.

"It's really important to create an environment that he can thrive in," Oastler said.

http://www.torontosun.com/2013/10/11/ot ... tistic-son

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Re: Why do landlords dislike children with autism?

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