OLA in the news across Canada: Student Housing

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Re: OLA in the news across Canada: Student Housing

#6 Unread post by Rusty » March 29th, 2011, 1:40 pm

Hi Marc,

Thanks for your response. You must have some interesting stories to tell. I only have one student who is living in a very comfortable 1 bdrm condo. Our intention was to rent to students only but I inherited some tenants at another property & it's ok except for the one I'm working on evicting now...that's another story. Actually, we're going to change our strategy & future rentals will be higher end, cost more & possibly furnished.

According to the article, imo, the conditions that these students are living in is unacceptable. I find it hard to believe that all of these students understand that they have rights they can exercise. It makes me mad when I see landlords treating people like this & only adds to the negative stereotype. I certainly hope that someone is advocating for them. I am pleased when my tenant's say to me that their friends wish they had as nice a place that they have.

Also, in the article it's the students who are complaining not the neigbours. Once they do get more educated on their rights there's going to be a whole lot of renovations or fines being paid. I have no empathy for this type of landlord.

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Re: OLA in the news across Canada: Student Housing

#7 Unread post by Hawk » April 20th, 2011, 3:19 pm

Allow damage deposits, and the quality of 'student landlord' will rise fast.

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Re: OLA in the news across Canada: Student Housing

#8 Unread post by rcole23 » May 19th, 2011, 1:15 am

I take offence to this article and the "oh poor me" bias attitude conveyed in it by students.

The only reason everything is "deteriorating at an extreme rate" is because the general populous is allowed to destroy it without consequence.

As for thrifty landlords, if anyone here follows my other posts I ask the question, how long are we suppose to just keep paying for other individuals living accommodations? The "they destroy it we fix it" cycle gets old pretty fast.

Give me the ability to conduct a proper business and I will provide you with a proper home.

The only way to make money w/ students that destroy property is to leave the home as they left it and keep renting it out.

Give me an enforceable action and stop blaming me for the consequences tenants cause. Again an instance where we have all the responsibility but none of the power to act.
The purpose of Law is to limit and contain harm-to-others, provide freedom and establish right and wrong.

Tenant law established the legal right to be irresponsible, damage property without consequence, lie, steal, misrepresent & spend tax payer’s dollars, free legal counsel, a biased trial system and to be lazy.

What’s left for us landlords? A broken law and.... oh yea, the bill...

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