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Huffington Post - Ontario Landlords Association Says: We Need Quicker Evictions!

Posted: February 14th, 2019, 9:10 pm
by OLA

The Ontario Landlords Association Continues To Protect Small Landlord Interests and Get Our Voice Heard!

We Are Landlords Too and We Are Getting Our Concerns To the Media And Highest Levels of Government.


Ontario PCs Float The Idea Of Private Eviction Enforcement

Landlords say the current process takes too long.

Internal documents obtained by The Toronto Star show the government is considering the use of private bailiffs to evict tenants out of their homes. Hale's colleague, ACTO policy analyst Mary Todorow, confirmed to HuffPost Canada that it was raised at a closed government consultation she attended on Feb. 1 as a way to "streamline the eviction process."

Currently, only public servants known as public enforcement officers can remove tenants once an eviction is ordered.

Landlords have been asking for private bailiffs for years

One landlord, however, told HuffPost that the eviction process takes too long and private bailiffs would speed it up.

The OLA has been asking the government to allow private bailiffs to do evictions for years.

He said the government enforcement officers have a backlog and take too long.

"When a landlord goes through the eviction process, it can take six to eight months."

Landlords depend on rent payments for their livelihoods, he said, and going months without rent is a major financial strain.

"A lot of small landlords are one missed rent payment away from big troubles." ... _23666013/

Re: Huffington Post - Ontario Landlords Association Says: We Need Quicker Evictions!

Posted: May 18th, 2019, 1:13 am
by lise1118
Yes I agree and I am still waiting for the sheriff...
I have been told that brampton office covers a big population, so expect big delays even after stay on eviction order lifted and eviction date was April 14,2019.