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Legal Weed Is a Canadian Landlord's Nightmare (Ontario Landlords Association In BLOOMBERG BUSINESS IN'T/GLOBAL EDITION)

Posted: May 8th, 2018, 11:14 pm
by OLA

Legal Weed Is a Canadian Landlord's Nightmare

Canadians will soon be able to add marijuana to their collection of household herbs, and that’s creating a nightmare for the country’s landlords.

With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau set to legalize recreational weed in July, apartment owners are concerned about safety and potential damage to their buildings if tenants grow plants and smoke up in their units. Landlords are lobbying provincial governments for legislation that would ban marijuana use in rental units or allow them to add restrictions to lease agreements.

Failing to implement regulations that allow landlords to ensure smoke-free, grow-free units could lead to higher rents, said a spokesman for the Ontario Landlords Association. Some provinces, including Ontario, block landlords from extracting damage deposits from tenants, said Blake, who once spent more than C$5,000 ($4,000) to clear the smell from a marijuana smoker’s unit.

“This is not a political issue for us -- we care about taking care of our tenants and keeping costs low,” he said. “When we have to pay out thousands of dollars, landlords will want to raise the rents for the next tenants.” ... drug-s-use