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Submission to Provincial Gov't: Speed Up the Eviction Process for Ontario Landlords!

Posted: February 2nd, 2016, 9:06 pm
by Canadalandlords
Let's Speed Up The Eviction Process In Ontario For Small Landlords

Ontario landlords know the eviction process takes a long time. In fact, it's far too long.

Ontario landlords are required to go to the Landlord and Tenant Board to evict tenants for things such as non-payment of rent or damaging the property.
If the landlord is successful (meaning the LTB adjudicator has decided in your favour) there are still steps you need to take in order get the tenant out of your property if they do not voluntarily leave.

If the tenant does not vacate the premises as ordered by the Landlord and Tenant Board, the landlord must take the order to the Superior Court of Justice Enforcement Office (Sheriff’s Office) to schedule an eviction.

We have heard many times from small residential landlords that the process with the Sheriff's office "takes too long" after an already lengthy process.

We have also heard many small landlords feel the process is excessively expensive. For example, The landlord will be required to pay a fee of $315.00 when the landlord initially attends the Enforcement Office. The landlord will also be required to pay a mileage charge of $0.58 per kilometer for the distance the Sheriff must travel from the courthouse to the eviction address.

The Ontario Landlords Association will be making some submissions to the government with the goal of speeding up the eviction process for landlords and making it less expensive.

Your voice will be heard

You can help out!

Let us know your personal experiences with the Landlord and Tenant process, including your experiences with the Sheriff's office. Email your experiences and opinions. We will include the experiences and opinions from residential landlords in Ontario as part of our goal for improving the system for small landlords. Your voice will be heard by those who can make the important (and needed) changes to help Ontario landlords succeed.