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Small Scale Landlords Targeted by Bad Tenants?

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

January 25th, 2012

You are a small scale landlord.  You offer a great property at a great price and hope to find a nice and decent tenant.

Have you been “targeted?”

Here is a recent post on Kijiji:


Posted: Thu Jan 12, 2012 5:38 pm Post subject: Social Justice? LLs Won’t Rent to: OW/ODSP/Bad Credit!

More and more Tenants across Ontario are finding landlords are colluding and scheming to create a joint force of DISCRIMINATION against people on government assistance or have damaged credit!!

If you are on OW or ODSP, or have damaged credit get ready for rental doors to be SHUT on you!

Thousands of good Tenants face discrimination in the rental market daily and need to fight back!!

If you are on OW or ODSP or have damaged credit, here are some tips for you to get into a rental to make your home.

1. Do not waste your time with corporate landlords. They have policies of discrimination. If they know you are on social assistance they will shred your application and not reply. It is corporate policy! I acted as a landlord and called a building and spoke with a property manager who said their policy is not written down, yet every manager knows the corporate Minto policy is: NO OW, NO ODSP, NO GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE.

2. To avoid wasting time and money, it is best to find a “mom and pop” landlord. You won’t find them on most of the paid rental websites because they want to save costs. You can look here at Kijiji where ads are free. Or if you have a friend with a car, drive around and you will see some “For Rent” signs on lawns. Third idea is to go to local places like Price Chopper, Freshco, Metro, No Frill and look at their free bulletin boards. “Mom and Pop” landlords will put free ads there.

3. Mom and Pop landlords don’t check credit because they don’t like to pay $50 to check. Unlike the corporate landlords who all sign up to credit check services and have a policy of checking everyone. So if you have damaged credit this is your best bet.

4. Never say you are on “welfare” when you meet the landlords. This is an instant redflag for them. Say “Ontario Works” or “ODSP.” Many mom and pop landlords don’t know the terminology.

5. If the mom and pop landlords question you about Ontario Works or ODSP make sure you tell them it is “government assistance” and that means the rent money will come directly from the government to the landlord. The landlord likes the sound of this security.

6. To seal the deal, most Mom and Pop landlords rely on a former landlord reference. This is impossible if you are coming from a shelter or had problems with your last Misunderstood landlord. It’s a good idea to get friend with a cell phone to act as your last landlord. It may be a bit dishonest, but finding a home is about survival and having a safe home is more important than a little fib. Make sure you write down some details for your friend. For example, an address, an amount of rent, and the date you moved in. Also make sure your friend says some things the Mom and Pop landlords love to hear like

“She was very clean and quiet.”
“The rent came directly from the government.”
“I’m sad to see him go.”

7. Remember, even you pay a deposit it doesn’t mean you can get the place. You need the key and need to put some of your stuff in the property. That means legally it is your place and you finally get a few Tenant rights.

8. When you move some stuff in, take some pictures for proof you have possession.

9. If you have pet, do not tell the landlord. As soon as you move in, you can bring in your pet and you cannot be evicted for this.

10. When you are a tenant make sure you read the Landlord and Tenant Board website because you finally have some rights. The important thing is to get in the rental and get a Home.

Is the Ontario system fair?  Look into it.  Contact your local MPP.  Just realize: you have been targeted!

OLA Member in the Toronto Star: Credit checks critical in vetting tenants

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

“A bad tenant cost me $28,000 over 9 months!”

October 18th, 2011

Landlord says she was too trusting and ended up with a bad tenant

“The person I spoke to said she made $62,000 a year,” says [Stoymenoff], who acknowledges she should have done a credit check.

“My questions always have been, ‘Do they have a secure job and what is their income?’ She came through with flying colours and both her references said she was a very trustworthy, good person.”

Stoymenoff also didn’t realize until the tenant was evicted that she had been renting out rooms in the house to other people and the property had fallen into disrepair.

She gouged out the doors and frames to install hinge locks with padlocks in the dining room and all three bedrooms.

Finally, in March the tenant was ordered by the Landlord Tenant Board to pay $3,400 and to start paying monthly rent.

She paid the $3,400 and one month’s rent of $1,750. In June, an order was issued to pay the full amount and Stoymenoff received $5,000.

[Shirley] was finally evicted in August, nine months after the first application was filed, owing $13,820 in unpaid rent and more than $3,000 in unpaid utility bills. Add on legal fees and the repairs required for the house and she is out more than $28,000.

“The registrar told me ‘we know her’ and the sheriff’s office knew her, too. The police have also told me they’re investigating her for fraud,” Stoymenoff says.

For an update please see:

Ontario Landlord Advice: Tenant Screening

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Don’t be blinded by a beautiful face

September 20, 2011


We hear these types of stories all the time.  The landlord sets up a meeting with a tenant applicant.  The applicant seems extremely nice, very polite, a great person.  Well dressed, a nice car, and a winning smile!  He or she presents you with some references that are out of this world!  You think about it again.  This person seems responsible and financially stable.  You trust your instincts, get first and last, and hand over the key.  You might even go out for dinner and celebrate finding a great tenant for your amazing property.

Then it starts.  The start of the month comes and they are late paying.  “Ah, it’s just a one time thing” you think.

A couple of weeks later neighbors start complaining about the noise levels, the people coming in and out at all hours, and the garbage piling up.  You think “what’s going on?”  You start to wonder what happened to that polite, responsible person who you trusted to stay in your rental property.

You hope for the best.  Except things keep getting worse.   You see your property getting damaged.  You hear your neighbor’s complaints.  You feel yourself losing control over your property.  On top of it all, they aren’t paying any rent!

Canadian Apartment magazine has a must read article on how to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.  We would like to emphasize the importance of credit checks.  We offer two of the best credit check services in Canada at highly discounted rates for members.

Read the original article here

Discuss this in our landlord advice forums here

Toronto Star: Landlords warned not to discriminate in rental ads – June 2011

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Jane Schweitzer says writing an ad for an available rental property has become a minefield thanks to the glaring eye of the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC).Schweitzer, a Hamilton resident who owns several rental properties and Assistant Moderator of the Ontario Landlords Association forums, says the commission’s recent campaign to address “discriminatory housing advertisements” goes too far. (more…)

Monday, April 11th, 2011

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