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Make Sure Your Home Is Safe! You Can Call The Fire Department DIRECTLY And Get Protected

Tuesday, November 12th, 2019

The landlords said my rental home was safe, now my babies & pets are dying!

Landlord Charged, Must Pay $3600 In Fines For Failing To Protect Tenants

The news from about a landlord who did not protect his tenants which led to a fire and thousands of dollars in fines has shocked tenants across Ontario.

It also has millions of tenants scared and wondering what we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Many Landlords Simply Don’t Care About Your Safety

The Fire Department in Gravenhurst was called with reports of a fire in one of the rental apartments.

The Fire Department put out the electrical fire and discovered that there was a shocking “absence of adequate and up-to-date smoke and CO alarms” in the rental building.

Further investigation led to the landlord getting five charges of “Failure to Install Smoke Alarms” and another five charges of “Failure to Install Carbon Monoxide Alarms.”

Fire Prevention Officer Warns Landlords

A fire prevention officer stated:

“The notion of a landlord failing to adequately safeguard their tenants with basic measures such as alarms is simply intolerable in this day and age,”

All landlords must understand their responsibilities under the legislation, ‘I didn’t know’ doesn’t wash anymore,” he said.

The property owner faces fines of $3,600.

The Landlord Only Cared After Getting Caught, Charged and Fined

When it comes to safety the landlord in the above didn’t care about his tenants at all.  While there are good landlords out there, many simply only care your hard earned money going into their pockets.

What if someone had died due to the landlords lack of ethics and breaking the law?  This could have been a true tragedy.

Protect Your Family By Being Aggressive and Demanding

This case is proof you can’t rely on your landlords to fulfill their legal responsibilities. HELL NO!

You need to be proactive…and aggressive and demanding.


The landlords said the smoke detectors were working! I just needed to call the Fire Dept. directly at no charge and they would have prevented this…

How Can You Protect Yourself?

Many tenants have said sharing the concerns lead to nothing.  So while there are great landlords out there who will make sure are safe it seems like they are small minority (and if you find them, stick with them!)

The best way is to call the Fire Department directly and tell them you are a tenant and want to make sure your rental HOME is safe.


Landlords Are Legally Responsible For Keeping Your Home Safe! Call Us To Inspect!

Call Your Local Fire Department Directly Without Telling Your Landlord

Most Fire Departments will be more than happy to help!

They will send a highly trained fire prevention specialist to go over all over your concerns.

They will also make note of your call and you can ask them to do regular inspections.

Your Landlord Might Be Charged And Fined, But They Must Make Your Home Safe

Make the call to your local fire department to protect yourself.  The landlord cannot “punish you for this” at all (although many will threaten this).


In Canada you have the right to a safe rental home and your landlord must pay for it!

Where are Mommy and Daddy????

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones…Be Aggressive and Don’t Let Some Landlord Ruin Your Life And Murder Your Children

Take Action!


Every tenant in Ontario should call your local fire department and request a fire inspector come and make sure your home is safe.

It doesn’t cost you a cent.

Make The Call!

Protect your family and pets and loved ones by making the call.

Google Your Local Fire Department Today, Tell Them You Are A Concerned Tenant And Ask Them For An Inspection ASAP!

When kindness doesn’t pay (Reflections and Analysis)

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

It’s over now.  Some advice for new landlords in Ontario

September 3, 2011

The house has now been sold.  I couldn’t be happier. This whole experience has only made me stronger!  I’m better than ever before and feeling great!  What a great learning lesson.

It’s just not worth it to be a landlord in Ontario in 2011 with the current McGuinty Liberal government in power.  Bad tenants are not only enabled, they are encouraged to create havoc for the landlord.

Looking back and reflecting, I hope I can offer some good advice to new landlords.

We have had many OW/ODSP tenants in the past, and still have some as a matter of fact.

We have had some good welfare tenants, but generally they make for bad tenants….here is why……

1. they are ungarnishable- their welfare cheques are protected from being garnished

2. welfare tenants have too much control over their cheques even though they have a caseworker of the big problems is that case workers move around in their departments….so if a welfare tenant who has a pay-direct arrangement in place because they are irresponsible in paying their bills, they can have the pay-direct arangement stopped with one phone call…now perhaps if they had the same case worker who knew about their spotted history, it wouldnt be so easy to stop the pay-direct chq but a new case worker may not have this info

4. the tenants we just had thumbed their nose at the law in every way they possibly could ie. unpaid parking tickets and traffic offenses, unpaid utility bills, and being known to cops for unlawful behaviour (it is very sad when you have an initial conversation with a police officer and they say “oh yeah I know T…”)

5. if you do a credit rating and it comes up ZERO- then pass on this person….sorry to say this because it wrecks things for those who dont yet have a credit rating…but a zero is as bad as a 500-600 score

6. the old saying “no good deed goes unpunished” is very true in the rental business…some of these people become very good actors….perhaps they get a rush when they suck people dry

7. listen to your gut feeling- if you get a bad sense BEFORE they move in- then cancel the contract- give them their money back- dont let them in because as a landlord in Ontario, you truly have NO protection

8. a landlord in Ontario has all cards stacked against them, we have the OHRC looking to stick it to us, we have tenant activist groups looking to stick it to us, and we have ill-informed, biased politicians looking to stick it to us SO the key is be ultra careful in renting to anyone- take your time- dont let any tenant pressure you into making a decision….it is very hard to lose a months rent by letting a unit sit vacant, but if necessary do it until you feel comfortable about letting someone in….

9. if possible try to see the unit they are living in before they take your place because a credit check doesn’t screen for cleanliness

10.  bottom line- these are our properties that we worked very hard to obtain- do not ever let any tenant, tenant activist, politician, LTB tribunal Member tell you what you can or cannot do…research things yourself, become a member of and be aware of who might be coming in and out of your property- NO one else cares except you!

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I think my tenant is committing OW / ODSP fraud – Who do I call?

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Who Do I call if I think my tenant is committing Welfare Fraud?

The Welfare Fraud Hot Line number is available for the public to report suspected cases of Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program fraud.

Callers can remain anonymous.

Callers will be asked for the name and address and, if possible, the phone number of the person who may be cheating. Suspected cases may be reported by telephoning 1.800.394.7867