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Superior Court Judge to Nina Willis: PAY YOUR RENT! ………..or you have to come back to court

June 1st, 2012


What’s The Latest on Nina Willis, The “Tenant From Hell” Who Has Cheated Landlords out of Tens of Thousands of Dollars?

Nina Willis made a brief appearance at the Osgoode Hall courts on March 30th, 2012.  Nina Willis is appealing  the Landlord and Tenant Board eviction order she received stating she has ‘failed to pay her rent and has to move out.’

So What Happened?

She received a warning from a Superior Court judge to pay the rent she owes or face upcoming consequences in court.

Great News, So She Paid Everything She Owes and Moved Out?  The Landlords Must Be Relieved This Nightmare is Over

No.  Unfortunately it didn’t happen that way.

Justice Herman Wilton-Siegel granted an adjournment to allow Nina time to get a lawyer and pay her current landlord the $8,000+ she owes him.

Another delay?  You’ve Got To Me Kidding Me!

The Judge Gave Nina Willis a Warning.

Justice Herman Wilton-Siegel gave Nina Willis the adjournment and then said “You have the right to prosecute an appeal but not to withhold your rent.”

The judge then went state:

“The circumstances before the court when it hears this matter will be completely different depending on whether you pay your rent,” he said.

This Is What Happened At The Landlord and Tenant Board Before.  Delay, delay, delay.

Nina Wills continues to live in the rental in Don Mills she hasn’t paid for in months.  More delays.  More threats she will ignore.

And more non-paid rent.

This Is Terrible!

Yes, the system is slow and Tenants from Hell live off it.  Even tenants who aren’t as nasty as this one can easily delay the process.

The only good news is landlords across Canada are seeing how the Ontario system operates.  Whether you are in Alberta, British Columbia, or elsewhere the spotlight on the Ontario system.

What About The Poor Landlord Who Still Has This Tenant Living In His Property?

Despite how some some companies try to market themselves, no one has a magic wand or is above the law.  The Landlord will have to wait it out.

What’s The Message For Landlords From All Of This?

One lesson is to carefully consider if you want to invest in private residential rental properties.

And The Second Lesson?

If you are a landlord in Ontario you face a broken system.  It’s important you take your business seriously and screen your potential tenants carefully.

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