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Renter Bit Me, Barrie Ontario Landlord Tells Police

September 8th, 2012

 Always Be Cautious and Prepared During Landlord and Tenant Disputes

A Biting Incident? Really? A Landlord Faced this in Barrie, Ontario?

Yes, a Barrie Ontario Landlord faced this. According to a report by Sun News, a teenager in Barrie, Ontario faces charges for mischief and assault.

The teen renters’ Barrie landlord told police the teen bit him during an argument between the two of them.

What Led to the Argument?

The police were contacted and asked to come to the rental property at around 8 p.m.  When they arrived they were told the teenager had been removed from the rental property.

The police officers then left.  The teen returned and started to smash windows at the rental property.

What Happened During the Window Smashing?

The Barrie Landlord confronted the teen leading to her leaving again.  This time the landlord followed her and got on the phone to alert the police again.


Then, according to the police, the teen tenant turned around and bit him.

Horrible! Was the Teen Arrested?

The teen tenant was charged with two counts of mischief, assault and for breaching probation. This is just another example of how bad some tenants can be and why landlords need to be careful with tenant screening.

For one Barrie landlord, it was a night to forget. The police did a good job. This is an example of why landlords in serious and heated disputes with tenants should contact local authorities who are trained to deal with such matters.

You can read the Sun News report here.

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