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Ontario Superior Court Justice “Some Ontario Tenants Are Manipulating the Law”

October 18th, 2012


It’s Time to Fix the Ontario Residential Tenancy Act!

What is the National Post Story About?

The court heard that due to legal loopholes in the Ontario Residential Tenancy Act, empowered by the Landlord and Tenant Board, tenants have lived without paying rent for almost ten months.

How Much is the Rent?

The rent is $3,600/month. The apartment is in the heart of downtown Toronto.

What Does the Judge Have to Say?

$3,600 x 10 = OUCH!

The judge look carefully at the case and saw how loopholes in Ontario allowed a predatory tenant to abuse the landlord.

The judge then demanded change to the laws in Ontario and more fairness.

Basically the Wise Judge Saw It’s Just Too Easy To Screw a Landlord in Ontario


 What Are the Details?

A couple rented an apartment in Toronto last October (2011).  After moving in they never paid rent!

A Toronto man and his wife moved into an apartment on Baldwin Street on October 11, 2011, and have not paid rent since, court heard, despite apparently still living there with pending appeals delaying any possible eviction.

What Did the Landlord Say In Court?
The landlord, Melissa D’Amico told the court she things the tenant had been manipulating the ‘system’ and was facing financial harm due to this.
How Much Harm?
The landlord stated:
“I was being ruined financially.”
Isn’t This Yet Another Lesson for Landlords to Either Avoid Rental Properties…or do Proper Rental Screening?
Yes.  It’s clear the system is unfair and if you are an Ontario Landlord you need to do careful Tenant Screening… Including Credit Checks!  There so many stories about tenants abusing the system.


Ontario Landlords Make Sure you Avoid Pro Tenants!  Do Credit Checks and Proper Tenant Screening!


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