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TO:                  Ontario Landlord Association Stakeholders

SUBJECT:   Scheduling Update

 We are writing to provide you with an update on scheduling at the Landlord and Tenant Board.

We continue to hear all types of applications. In addition to scheduling previously adjourned matters and tenant merit applications, we are also scheduling merits hearings for newly filed landlord applications. We’d like to advise you of the following details:

  • Urgent matters will continue to be scheduled on a priority basis. If you believe your matter warrants an earlier hearing date, you can file a Request to Extend/Shorten Time.
  • Tenant merits hearings will continue to be scheduled in smaller blocks.

One adjudicator will be assigned to each block. One moderator and one dispute resolution officer will support each tenant merits block, allowing for same-day mediation.

  • L1s and L2s will also be scheduled in smaller blocks to ensure all matters get heard in the allotted time. The size of the blocks will increase incrementally over the summer and leading into the fall, and we will continue to monitor them to ensure that the appropriate number of matters are being scheduled for the allotted time.

One adjudicator will be assigned to each block. One moderator and one dispute resolution officer will support each block, allowing for same-day mediation.

  • Approximately 9-10 blocks will be scheduled each day, Monday to Thursday. L1s, and L2s and tenant merits, will be scheduled on alternating weeks (for example, week 1 will consist of L1 blocks, and week 2 will consist of L2 and tenant merit blocks).
  • Case management hearings and merits hearings for Above Guideline Increase applications continue to be scheduled.
  • Motions, reviews, and co-operative housing hearings also continue to be part of the schedule as required, as well as weekly French/bilingual hearings.
  • Online dispute resolution continues to be available for all applications filed in the Tribunals Ontario Portal. Routine mediation also continues to be available upon request for all application types. If you filed your application in the Tribunals Ontario Portal, you can make a request for routine mediation through the portal. For all other applications, you can email or mail your request to the applicable regional office.

Thank you for your continued patience as we work on service improvements. We are in the process of refining our scheduling model, and the updates provided above are part of that process.

In the coming weeks, we will be holding a stakeholder meeting where we will discuss our future scheduling plans and our work to improve service standards. As always, you’ll have an opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions at that meeting.


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