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Let’s Make Sure Every Landlord In Ontario Follows The Human Rights Code And Doesn’t Discriminate in 2022

Many newcomers from around the world are arriving in Canada and deciding to rent a home before buying. Reasons can be to build a credit score to get a mortgage to wisely spending time to learn where they want to live before buying their own place.

Many Ontario landlords were surprised to read a story in the Toronto Star about a tenant applicant who was being discriminated against. Our members are still discussing this now!

This was an applicant most experienced and successful landlords would consider to potentially be an ideal tenant…someone we all want to rent from us!

She had a strong financial history (with good credit and a good job). She was established with good references.

However, she found herself being regularly refused by landlords because, she believes, strictly due to her race.

It was not only surprising but also shocking because our members are aware of the Human Rights Code and follow it.

Ontario Landlords Association Defends Small Landlords

A member of the Ontario Landlords Association was in the Toronto Star story defending all the good landlords out there. The member explained:  

“We educate our members on the laws and rules in Ontario.  We also educate landlords on what ‘really matters’ when screening (such as a credit and reference check, conversations with the tenants, etc.)”

“We teach you should never turn away a qualified tenant applicant because of their race, place of birth or beliefs.”

In our Ontario landlord forum one landlord commented on the Star story:

“You would have to be nuts to not rent to qualified applicants no matter where they are from or what they look like. These must be very inexperienced landlords and they won’t last.”

Another member said – “This makes us all look bad! I’m angry at these landlords! Learn the law!”

Ontario Landlords Association Members Follow The Rules

Our province-wide landlord community wants to fix the system to help good landlords, good tenants and increase the rental supply in Ontario.

This is the reason our province-wide community organization started over a decade ago…to improve the rental industry for both good landlords and good tenants.

For example, we want to change the delays of the Landlord and Tenant Board, we need quicker evictions for non-paying or threatening tenants.

We also want a legal damage deposit, and and we need the Residential Tenancies Act to help us protect tenants from other tenants smoking marijuana. 

But these issues have nothing to do with where you are from or what you do in your personal life.

Our Members Are From All Over the World

Our members are from just about every nation in the world. 

We are an international community with the goal of improving the Ontario rental industry to benefit all the good landlords and tenants out there.

Our Members Rent To People With Good References, Good Financial Backgrounds

We teach landlords to follow the law and to screen tenants based on the legal standards in Ontario.  Our members who run credit checks, references, etc. are often very successful.

Many Landlords Are Unaware Of the Human Rights Code For Landlords

Unfortunately many new landlords are often unaware of the Human Rights Code for landlords.

While some tenant groups will says landlords should know the industry they are in, many new landlords are simply unaware of the laws. The rules are simply not communicated effectively, especially to new small residential landlords.

This needs to change and the Ontario Landlords Association is doing it!

Ontario Landlords Campaign To End Discrimination in the Ontario Rental Industry

The OLA is working hard to ensure every residential landlord is aware of their rights and responsibilities.

We will be working with other stake-holders to make our education campaign have a dramatic positive change in ending discrimination.

While corporate landlords are silent, once again the Ontario Landlords Association takes the lead for positive change in Ontario to protect good landlords and good tenants.


Have you been discriminated against when trying to find a rental property?

Are you a landlord who wants to suggest ways we can end discrimination in the rental industry?


Email us at landlordandtenantsolutions@groupmail.com


Our goal is to improve the quality of the Ontario rental industry through education and advocacy.

Join us and play a key role in helping end discrimination.

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