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Canada Landlords – Different Provinces Have Different Rules For Pets

Thursday, June 29th, 2023

There is a lot of debate about rental properties and pets going on across Canada. Recently the Ottawa Citizen published an article called Canada’s Landlords Should Stop Their War On Pets. It was well written and very persuasive.

In our community forums there was lots of discussion on this from landlords across Canada.

Do you want to rent to Tenants with pets? If so, why?  If not, why not?

It’s an especially hot topic these days for BC landlords.

In BC, landlords can charge a limited damage deposit for pets, yet many landlords there still refuse applicants with dogs or cats.

There is a very interesting article on this subject comparing the rule there compared to other provinces.  For example, things are very different in Ontario and one of our association volunteers helped explain things to help out:

Although the Ontario Landlords Association occasionally hears from members that noisy dogs have caused other tenants to move out, or that pet snakes have worried parents of toddlers, or that carpets have been damaged by cat urine, the association takes no issue with the legal provision that makes no-pet clauses unenforceable. 

“Many of our members used to rent and had pets, so pet damages are their only worry and a pet deposit would quash any concerns over damages,” Amy Wong, a volunteer with the Ontario Landlords Association, said: “We have asked for this in Ontario but don’t have it. If BC has a pet deposit, they shouldn’t have any major concerns in most cases.”

Our community association volunteers are always happy to help and share our experiences.