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Ontario Landlords Can Raise the Rent 2.5% in 2024

Sunday, July 2nd, 2023


Ontario Landlords Can Raise the Rent 2.5% in 2024

Most Ontario landlords will be able to increase rent by up to 2.5 per cent next year.

Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Steve Clark says the rent increase guideline for 2024 is set at the same rate as for this year, and he notes that it is below the average inflation rate of 5.9 per cent.

The cap does not apply to rental units first occupied after Nov. 15, 2018.

Landlords can also apply to the Landlord and Tenant Board for increases above 2.5 per cent.

They must also give tenants at least 90 days’ written notice of a rent increase and they are not allowed to increase the rent more than once a year.

NDP housing critic Jessica Bell says 2.5-per-cent rent increases will make the housing affordability crisis worse.

“(It) is a huge increase, especially when you consider that rent is already so high, and most Ontarians’ wages haven’t kept up,” she wrote in a statement.

“And if you’re in a rental first rented on November 15, 2018 or later, the sky’s the limit as far as how high your rent can go up, thanks to the Ford Conservatives’ massive loophole.”

The government set the rent increase guideline at zero in 2021 during the pandemic and raised it to 1.2 per cent for 2022.


Public Consultation on the Next Edition of The Ontario Fire Code – OLA Community Association Members Want To Help Make Rentals “Fire-Safe” And Protect Our Tenants!

Saturday, July 1st, 2023

OLA Community Association Members have played a key role in saving lives by educating small landlords to ensure their rentals are up to code and “fire safe” for over a decade.

We continue to make sure Tenants are safe and tragedies are avoided by educating landlords on the importance of making your rental units safe, legal and you take a super active role in ensuring your renters are are not in danger.

Let’s keep working (as we have for over a decade) on the importance to make your rents safe and secure!

Please make sure our community members continue to work hard to create super safe homes for our tenant clients and work hard for rules and policies that protect good landlords and those who rent our properties.

Share your individual experiences and advice and recommendations and let’s improve the Ontario rental industry and protect Tenants!


Ministry of the Solicitor General     

Office of the Fire Marshal

25 Morton Shulman Avenue

2nd Floor

Toronto ON  M3M 0B1

Dear Stakeholders:

RE:     Public Consultation on the Next Edition of The Ontario Fire Code

The Ministry of the Solicitor General is currently seeking input on proposed changes for the next edition of the Ontario Fire Code, O. Reg. 213/07 made under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997.

The proposed changes to the Ontario Fire Code focus on improving harmonization with the 2020 National Fire Code, aligning with recent changes to the Ontario Building Code, strengthening fire safety by addressing known fire safety risks, and addressing administrative, consequential, and minor technical issues in the code.

Between May 29 and July 13, 2023, stakeholders are invited to participate in the public consultation and provide feedback on the proposed changes, as well as on potential costs and impacts related to these proposals.

Proposed changes are available for review and comment via the Ontario Regulatory Registry at the following link: 2023 Ontario Fire Code (

We encourage you to share this message and the enclosed link with individuals or organizations within your sector.

Canada Landlords – Different Provinces Have Different Rules For Pets

Thursday, June 29th, 2023

There is a lot of debate about rental properties and pets going on across Canada. Recently the Ottawa Citizen published an article called Canada’s Landlords Should Stop Their War On Pets. It was well written and very persuasive.

In our community forums there was lots of discussion on this from landlords across Canada.

Do you want to rent to Tenants with pets? If so, why?  If not, why not?

It’s an especially hot topic these days for BC landlords.

In BC, landlords can charge a limited damage deposit for pets, yet many landlords there still refuse applicants with dogs or cats.

There is a very interesting article on this subject comparing the rule there compared to other provinces.  For example, things are very different in Ontario and one of our association volunteers helped explain things to help out:

Although the Ontario Landlords Association occasionally hears from members that noisy dogs have caused other tenants to move out, or that pet snakes have worried parents of toddlers, or that carpets have been damaged by cat urine, the association takes no issue with the legal provision that makes no-pet clauses unenforceable. 

“Many of our members used to rent and had pets, so pet damages are their only worry and a pet deposit would quash any concerns over damages,” Amy Wong, a volunteer with the Ontario Landlords Association, said: “We have asked for this in Ontario but don’t have it. If BC has a pet deposit, they shouldn’t have any major concerns in most cases.”

Our community association volunteers are always happy to help and share our experiences.

OLA Community Association In Action. Let’s Help Tenants Displaced By Fire Find New Safe Rental Homes

Saturday, May 20th, 2023

Wellington County is issuing an urgent plea to Guelph landlords to find homes for victims of a fire.

Dozens of people have been displaced after a fire at a mixed-use building in Downtown Guelph.

Crews were called to the fire on Wyndham Street near Quebec Street just after 1 a.m. Police said between 25 to 30 people have been displaced.

Viewer video shows smoke pouring out of the building and firefighters breaking a window on the main floor to get inside.

The fire chief called it “a stubborn fire that took a fair bit of work” to get under control.

Police say a woman was illegally living in the basement and was later charged with arson.

The county is now asking landlords to help the 34 residents still looking for a place to live.

Let’s Help.  Do You Have A Rental With 1, 2, or 3 Bedrooms Available? 

If you do you can play an important role in helping others and improving the Ontario rental industry.

Anyone with one, two, or three bedroom units available to rent is asked to contact housing services here. Thanks to those in our community who have already done so.

Let’s Help Displaced Tenants All Over Ontario. Let’s Make A Difference

Most of our members rented before.  We know there are many cases where tenants get displaced all over the province.

If you have rentals available contact your local city or town and let them know you might be able to help tenants in need find a safe and welcoming new home.

Invitation to Comment on Regulatory Registry Postings Related to Market Rental Housing

Thursday, May 18th, 2023


Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing – Market Housing Division

777 Bay Street, 14th Floor
Toronto, ON M7A 2J3

Tél: 416 585-6872

SUBJECT: Mavis Fung, Director, Market Housing Division

Invitation to Comment on Regulatory Registry Postings Related to Market Rental Housing

On April 6, 2023, the Ontario government introduced Bill 97, the Helping Homebuyers, Protecting Tenants Act, which is the latest in a series of steps the government is taking to increase housing supply and help more Ontarians find a home they can afford.

The proposals in the Helping Homebuyers, Protecting Tenants Act would, if passed, help to ensure that the government reaches its goal of building 1.5 million homes by 2031.

The government is consulting municipalities, stakeholders and the public on the
proposed initiatives, including those related to market rental housing.

To that end, the ministry would like to invite you to submit your feedback on the following initiatives currently posted on Ontario’s Regulatory Registry.

Please feel free to forward this invitation on to other interested members and stakeholders.

Regulatory proposals available for comment from April 6 to May 21, 2023:

1. Seeking Feedback on Future Regulations To Create A Balanced Framework Around Municipal Rental Replacement By-Laws (Proposal # 23-MMAH005)

2. Seeking Feedback on Proposed Changes to Help Protect Tenants from Bad Faith Renovation Evictions (Proposal # 23-MMAH00)

3. Seeking Feedback on Timeframe for Occupancy for Landlord’s Own Use Evictions (Proposal # 23-MMAH007)
These and other related consultations can be found through the Environmental Registry of Ontario and the Ontario Regulatory Registry.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the ministry.
Questions regarding the postings can be sent to Jennifer Chan, Manager, Residential and
Commercial Tenancies Unit, at
We look forward to hearing your input.
Mavis Fung