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OLA Recommends HUMBERVIEW INSURANCE BROKERS For All Your Insurance Needs

Saturday, October 17th, 2020

Humberview Insurance Brokers Are Experts At Insuring Rental Properties

They Will Help You Get The Coverage You Need At The Best Prices Available

All of us in the rental industry know it’s more important than ever for landlords to use the best services at the best prices.

One of biggest challenges for landlords is getting our properties insured at an affordable price. We know that we need to protect our properties and also want insurance that fits our budgets.

Our most experienced and successful landlords recommend you contact Humberview Insurance Brokers.

The Humberview team know what landlords need and are experts at matching you with the best products out there.

They have helped thousands of our members over the past decade and are better than ever!

Check out the Humberview page and get started protecting your property the right way:

Humberview Insurance Brokers

Saturday, August 10th, 2019

The Forum That Changed The Industry Is Back Better Than Ever!  As Landlords Face Huge Challenges Experienced and Successful Landlords & Property Managers Are Here To Help You!

-Network With 1000s of Successful Ontario Landlords & Expert Property Managers

-Ask Questions On A Problem and Get Some Guidance From Other Landlords

-Chat With Landlords Who Are Multi-Millionaires due to investing in Ontario rentals

-Chat With Real Landlords, Avoid Paying $1000’s to “landlord reps” Who Charge You With No Guarantees Of Success

It wasn’t that long ago the serious concerns of small landlords went unheard. There was no voice for small landlords. Nothing. No one cared about our concerns.