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Tenant Is Blackmailing Me For $50,000! (Part 1)

Wednesday, May 12th, 2021

I Sold The Property And The Tenant Disagreed With The Sale

Now I’m Being Blackmailed!

I sold my rental property in August, 2020. I had enough of her ridiculous demands, fake maintenance and other complaints, and non-payment of rent.

She said she wouldn’t move and I was a “slumlord” who hated “single mums” and discriminated against people on “government benefits.”

Even though I presented all the legal proof that I was doing everything right she refused to leave or to pay rent.

…and the threats, abuse, and non-payment just continued.

When hearing of the sale she cancelled her direct deposit from ODSP while living at the house!

This means even  she was still living there we didn’t see a cent!

We extended the closing date multiple times to accommodate her

Tenant still did not pay rent and called us slumlords.

We visited her and tried to work things out.

She told me to my face “F*** you, I’m not moving! I have Tenant Rights! TAKE ME TO THE LTB!” 

She even called me a “slumlord” for some reason even though I have a nice property and she never complained about it and called so many times wanting to rent it.

Sale Called Off

I filed both the N4 for no rent paid and the N12 for the sale.

I learned the rules and followed them to a “t”. I’m honest and want to be a law abiding landlord and did everything according to the the law.

LTB didn’t inform me when trial will be set for. I have been patient with the process as I have been waiting for months.

LTB Service Was Unhelpful and Rude

I called the Landlord and Tenant Board hotline hoping to get help.

They are horrible! I was hung up on by LTB only by asking a reasonable question, which was when do they foresee tribunal case going to happen.


Tenant Agrees To Move…for $50,000!

Tenant is blackmailing me to pay her $50,000 or she won’t ever leave and will use the system to continue to screw me over “for as long as possible.”

She said she can do this for years and will use “every trick in the book” to bankrupt us. She said $50,000 is the “going rate.”

She knows I want to sell and is toying with me.

Tenant Threats Continue

She told me: “You are making a lot of money with your sale because houses in this area are up 40%.”.

She continued:

“If you don’t pay me to move you will lose this opportunity to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in appreciation with your sale.”

And even more texts:

“Act accordingly and I have a free government lawyer to F*** you over!” Bi*ch!

The nightmare was just beginning.


Updated Ontario Standard Lease Must Be Used For Tenancies Beginning March 1st

Friday, March 5th, 2021

Reminder to landlords in Ontario on March 1st, 2021 we must use the new version of the government lease 

Ontario landlords know that we need to use the Ontario Standard Form Of Lease. Previously, residential landlords were allowed to create their own leases customized for their tenants.

Fortunately, with the government lease landlords can still add important clauses to protect our rental properties.

What’s Different About The Updated Lease?

OLA members have been discussing this on our forum. Some of the changes include things like allowing for the use of electronic signatures and clarifying the penalties for not following the rules and for “bad faith” evictions.

Where Can I Download The New Updated Lease?

Please click this LINK to download the updated lease.

Where Can I Discuss The Updated Lease And How To Add Lease Clauses?

Join our busy Members forum to discuss this and all other questions you have.

The key to being a successful Ontario landlord to to be proactive and solve issues before they become larger problems.

LTB Will Speed Up Hearing Dates

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020

We Are Keeping The Pressure On To Create More Fairness For Ontario Landlords 

Ontario Landlords Association members have made sure the message of small landlords across Ontario have been heard by the Ford government

Our members have been working tirelessly to reach out not only to MPPs but also to Mayors, council members, and other industry leaders in every corner of the province for months.

This is how you lobby and make real change in a democracy (not PR tricks like protests at city hall, or promoting shady companies to make a bit of money)

Many of our members are also Realtors and we advised them to reach out to the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) to join us for help and they did.

The OREA CEO is Tim Hudak.

Tim is a friend of small business and that includes small landlords. Way back in 2011 Tim and his Progressive Conservatives worked with the Ontario Landlords Association to propose a new law in Parliament to allow landlords to charge a “damage deposit.”

The PC’s voted to allow small landlords to charge a 2 week “damage deposit” in addition to “first and last.” This was shocking at the time as the idea the Ontario Landlords Association presented (damage deposits) was considering radical at the time.

A damage deposit equivalent to 2 weeks of rent would be a good first step and would make sure tenants:

-Made sure all garbage was removed

-Made sure the fridge was cleaned of all left over food

-Made sure the carpets were steam cleaned and smell removed

-Made sure tenants would clean up while the landlord did showings to new potential tenants

Sadly the Bill Was Defeated (The Liberals and the NDP voted against it).

Ontario Real Estate Association Demands Quicker Hearings For Landlords

Just a few days ago Tim Hudak (who is the best premier we never had) wrote a letter to the Ministry based on the concerns of his membership (many who are also part of our membership).

You can read Tim’s letter here.

Tim’s letter, along with our lobbying worked!

The Ministry finally realizes our concerns and is doing something about it to help small landlords!

Join Thousands of Other OLA Members Working Hard To Protect Landlords And Get Our Concerns Heard

Landlord Opinions – Get Your Voice Heard!

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

Pandemics, Border Closures, Businesses Shut Down. Challenges for Landlords, Tenants And the Rental Industry 

The Ontario Landlords Association continues our over a decade long fight to make sure the issues of good landlords and good tenants are at the forefront.

We continue to educate so-called ‘tenant activists’ on the realities we face and counter their memes and myths like no one else.

We want to make sure the general public knows that good landlords want to cooperate with good tenants but that we aren’t rich and “landlords have rights too.” We want  good landlords and good tenants succeeding together.

Make Your Voice Heard!

While we continue to have great discussions in our hugely popular forums, we want your direct opinions as we continue to deal with media and government to protect good landlords and good tenants.”

Results will be sent to Premier Ford and Prime Minister Trudeau.

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Let’s Fix The Laws/Encourage Landlords To Invest in 2020

Wednesday, January 1st, 2020

There are going to be some big changes coming to the Ontario rental industry in 2020. Last year the Ontario Landlords Association was asked by the Ministry to provide our recommendations for changes.

We provided a very thorough and comprehensive list that would not only encourage more investment into Ontario residential rentals, but would protect both good landlords and good tenants.

Tenant Groups Are Lobbying Hard

While we presented an important list, the tenant activist groups sent in theirs. Typical “blame the landlord” ideas which would lead good people to avoid investing and hurt tenants.

It’s Time For Change! (Before it’s too late)

We keep hearing about small landlords who face huge delays for Hearings and manipulative tenants who “use the system” to avoid paying rent and even harassing their landlords.

The key to the low vacancy rate is to change the rules to encourage more investment, especially from smaller private individuals.

Let Us Know Your Thoughts and Opinions

Please take the survey and also let us know what you think should be changed to make things better for small residential landlords in 2020!

We’ve been around for over a decade and are the only ones fighting for small landlords. Make Your Voice Heard!

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