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Landlords Paying Tenants To Move Is Actually A Win For Landlords

Saturday, February 3rd, 2024

I want to begin by saying I have lived in my current apartment for almost 3 years and have never had any issues with my landlord who lives upstairs.

We have a lease which really is a business contract: how long I will stay, how much is the rent, etc.

And this works great….everything was disclosed and agreed to before I even moved in. Both sides just followed what the lease/business contract states.  It’s so simple!!!

Tenants Are Being Portrayed Unfairly

I’ve seen in the media and on social media that Tenants are being accused of demanding huge sums of money to agree to their landlord’s demand to move out.

Often the Tenants are portrayed as ‘greedy’ or partaking in some type of extortion.

This is not true and unfair!

What’s The Reality?

Let’s go over this to help educate the public.

Landlords Signed A Lease

Both sides agreed to the terms of the lease.

Moving is difficult, expensive and harms Tenants, our jobs, and our families

Vacancy rates are so low and it can be devastating having to move to a new home.  We signed a lease for the stability to put our kids in school, put them in clubs, being close to our work, and so many other reasons.

What Would Happen If Tenants Had To Break Our Lease?

There are many cases where the landlords say “no” and even sue us for breaking the lease!

Why Should Tenants Be Held Responsible For Their Landlord’s Lack Of Business Sense?

If you think you will sell the property why not give the Tenants a short term lease? Or leave the rental property empty until you are sure you know what you want to do?

Why sign long term leases and punish paying Tenants just because you didn’t plan carefully?

Are The So-called “Tenants Demand $100,000 Payments” Even True Or Just Another Hoax Spread By Some Landlords?

We’ve seen them make crazy lies and hoaxes in the past: from all the small landlords committing suicide because of the Landlord and Tenant Board giving Tenants some basic human rights and landlords not just being able to kick people out on a whim to staged protests for media attention to saying they would have huge lawsuits to destroy the LTB.  All baloney!

As one Tenant in the OLA Tenants forum wrote:




Tenants Who Agree To A Pay Out Are Actually Helping Their Landlords

We have a lease/contract!  Landlords should be thankful so many Tenants do end up moving even though it can devastate our lives!

The Truth About Landlords Reporting Tenants To Credit Bureaus To Impact Their Score

Monday, January 8th, 2024

TENANTS: What Is The Truth About Landlords Reporting Tenants To Credit Bureaus?

Does It Really Have A Big Impact? No!

I was threatened by landlord that he could “ruin” my credit score or he could “save” me from “living on the cold hard street” by him personally raising my credit score.

I was very upset.

Not only because I have two young children so the threat of “living on the cold hard street” liberally meant we might FREEZE TO DEATH if we didn’t obey our lord and so-called master.


For sure some landlords are using this as a weapon so I did a deep dive into it and found even landlords are warning other landlords!

Let’s see what even they are saying.


Are Some People Just Trying To Sell It To You For Money? 

Even Some Credit Bureaus Say It’s Just  “Marketing” To Attract Landlords To Pay For Memberships. 

It Should Be “Free” As It’s Not Really Impactful On A Tenants Credit Score!

Landlords across Canada know buying a rental property and becoming a landlord can become a great opportunity. You buy a great property and rent it out and not only do you get rent to pay off your mortgage, your property may also appreciate.

Many New Landlords Aren’t Aware Of the Challenges in Ontario

Being a landlord seems very simple. However, many new landlords quickly realize how complicated the rules are in Ontario.

Many Ontario landlords are unaware of rules such as:

1. Tenants can go month by month when the lease ends, even if they agreed it would end

2. All tenants get free legal help if they have an issue with their landlord

3. Tenants don’t have to pay a security deposit in Ontario.

Due To The Tenant-Friendly Policies Many Landlords Are Looking For Easy Solutions.

And why not?

The Ontario Residential Act is the set of laws for landlords and Ontario tenants. The laws in Ontario are very tenant-friendly and treat tenants like ‘victims’ and landlords as bullies with great power and lots of money.

It can even take over six months just to get a Hearing date at the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board.

What About Reporting Your Bad Tenants To The Credit Bureaus? 

This is just personal opinions and not directed at any individuals or specific companies. It’s our opinions based on the research we’ve done on this segment of the industry.

In the United States groups such as Mr. Landlord have been reporting renters to Landlord Credit Bureaus for years. They allow landlords to report to landlord credit bureaus such as Transunion,  Experian and Equifax. We spoke to them and other experienced landlords and found the following:

According to these landlord groups and the Bureaus reporting to landlord credit bureaus is only a very small part of running a successful rental property business because the impact of reporting is minimal, tiny, not a “game-changer”.

Some USA landlord groups don’t even charge you to report because they know it’s not very effective. 

They offer if for free to landlords with no membership fees!

But they do offer collection services to help you get rent owed for a percentage of what is owed to you (if they ever collect, which is not often. Tenants can just declare bankruptcy and you won’t collect a cent).

The Truth About Landlords Reporting Tenants To Credit Bureaus 

To help landlords we were in touch with credit bureaus and experts such as Transunion and Experian about how landlord credit bureau reporting really works.

Here is what we found

1. How Much Does Reporting To Landlord Credit Bureaus Really Impact Tenant Credit Scores (To Go UP or DOWN )?

It’s really minimal.


ola equifax reporting

I Was Tricked! Reporting Renters To Credit Bureaus Doesn’t Have Any Dramatic Impact!

Some companies want you to think the landlord can report and make a huge change in their Tenants score (both good and bad) to control them but that is false and anyone saying this is a just marketing or isn’t aware of how it works.

How much impact the credit score is dependent on many factors such as the consumer’s existing credit profile (or lack thereof.)

We learned Credit bureau studies all vary in the average amounts of increase in score b/c each study has a different input set

Some companies are trying to market and make you think your can “help” your tenants or “nail” your tenants but this is just marketing…it’s not true.

2. So How Impactful Is Landlords Reporting Tenants To Credit Bureaus in Reality? The reality is that in most cases it’s not dramatic at all!

Landlord reporting won’t make a tenants score go up or down in any dramatic way because it’s just a minor part of the ‘bigger picture.’ If any company says “dramatic” it’s just marketing to get your money.

3. Do Tenants Need To Consent To Be Reported? Yes, You Should!

Most credit bureaus said to be fair and avoid potential issues landlords will have something in their agreements/leases they will inform tenants they can report to the bureaus.

Fair and legitimate companies will ensure landlords get their tenants approval for reporting and be open and transparent on this

4. What Is The Time Frame For Landlords To Report Tenants Who Don’t Pay?

Does reporting payment or non-payment of rent on the 2nd day of the month impact a tenants’ credit score?


This is not true according to the credit bureaus we spoke to.

Landlords will need to report until the tenants rent is 30 plus days due so you can’t just “nail” your Tenant on Day #2 as some people who make money from memberships advertise.

According the the Credit Bureaus we contacted the real system (hidden from landlords) is reporting 90+ days of non payment days to make just a blip of change.

ola salesman

Just Pay Your Membership Fee And You LORD Control Your Tenants Lives Forever! Trust Me Just Me, And Don’t Ask Too Many Questions. No Details Coming, Pay Me!!

There is no “You Didn’t Pay Rent So I Can Crush Your Credit Score” or “You Paid I Can Raise Your Credit Score”. 

It’s just marketing.

5. How About Marketing Tenant Reporting Will Help Tenants Build Credit?

This is a major marketing tool for some companies to get landlords to pay for the service.

6. Does A Landlord Reporting Rent Is Paid Really Raise A Tenants Credit Score?

Will The Score Go Up By Hundreds Of Points To Really Help Tenants?


ola don't believe the hype

This is why if you ask the reporting companies to tell you “how much will reporting help the score” they cannot tell you.

Go ahead and ask them for specifics!

Landlord Reporting For Good Or Bad Has No Dramatic Impact on Tenants! Some Companies Just Want To Make You Think It’s A Great Solution, Tricking Both Landlords and Tenants.

In reality it takes at least a few months for rent payments to even show up on a credit report!

And the only “real” result is if a Tenant doesn’t pay you for 2 years!

Landlord Credit Bureau Reporting – How Much Does Reporting Change Their Score Each Month?

The bureaus told us it’s basically nothing. Many companies advertise to get memberships.

Bureaus told us:

Reporting can marginally influence scores.

According to the Bureaus these companies cannot guarantee or say for what the real impact will be about harming or helping build credit.

If you doubt this ask a “reporting” company claiming this for details. 

They cannot guarantee it and often refuse to let landlords and tenants know how they really operate and claim this is private and none of your business (proprietary)

Good Tenant Tips: A Place For Good Tenants To Share Helpful Advice

Sunday, December 10th, 2023

Tenants Speak Out & Share Their Concerns & Opinions on the Rental Industry

As part of our “Let’s Improve the Ontario Rental Industry” we have invited our tenant members to share their opinions on how we can make these improvements. These opinions are from individual contributors and are not the opinions of the Ontario Landlords Association. We believe by fostering communication between landlords and tenants we can improve the Ontario rental industry.


100% Protecting Tenants And Promoting Good Landlords With This Great New Site –

Saturday, September 2nd, 2023

With vacancy rates so low and so many people seeking a home we need protections.  The biggest story these days is how a crazy small landlord shot his tenants due to to mold issues.

All we want is a safe and affordable home owned by a professional landlord who understands the Residential Tenancies Act and follows the Landlord and Tenant Board rules.

While landlords want credit and criminal checks, Tenants are just trying of find a safe and affordable home.

A Way For Tenants To Find The Best Landlords

Even landlords on the ontariolandlords forum agree that Tenants need a way to find them.

These are landlords who used to rent themselves and want to create the rentals and be the landlord they always wanted to find.

This new service gives Tenants a way to find the best landlords and reward them!

And punish the bad landlords who give them all a bad reputation.

There Are Great Landlords Out There…Make Sure You Find Them!

Let’s make sure this super excellent new website is a way we can protect each other!

Make sure to add comments on your experiences, especially if the small landlord is someone you want to warn others about. It’s exploding in popularity according to CTV NEWS,

The link is-



This is a great way to protect Tenants and promote Good Landlords.

It’s win-win!

Warning! Don’t Sign A Long Term Airbnb Contract Without An Ontario Government Lease Agreement – If You Do It Can Destroy Your Life!

Wednesday, July 5th, 2023

I’m a Tenant who wants to make my voice heard for fairness for both Tenants and landlords. By communicating our concerns to each other I hope to help improve the Ontario rental industry. Thank you for this very fair platform to “make things better” in these trying times. I think all good landlords will agree that this situation is unfair and help us fix this “loop hole”.

The news was shocking!  Landlords can now “step aside” the Landlord and Tenant Board. And it’s so easy!

This is right out of the show Black Mirror!

It’s like you can use some “drivers ap” to drive and you can speed and even do hit and runs with no punishments!!!


A family from Switzerland came to Toronto with their kids. They needed long term housing, as both Mom and Dad had proof of a work permit and their kids were in school.  They signed a one  year contract with Airbnb to live in a nice area and paid rent on time.

They only decided on this property because they signed a nearly one year agreement.

A few months into this long term contract the landlords ordered the Tenants to “move out” and eventually locked them out!

You can read more about this here.

Landlord Tenant Board Should Be Called The Landlord Board

The Tenants and the landlords both filed at the LTB

The result was shocking and unfair…and a HUGE WAKE UP CALL FOR TENANTS!

The Tenants lost because the adjudicator said they were just like “on vacation” like “living in a hotel”.

Facts Were Ignored At The Landlord And Tenant Board

The Tenants and landlords agreed to a long term agreement.

For a year.

It was a contract and the nice family wanted a year of stability and safety.

It Was A Long Term Rental From Day 1, Not A “Vacation Hotel”!

Tenants were not on “vacation” they signed the contract for a long term rental:

-they both had year long work permits

-were working

-their kids in a local school for long term education.

When The System Is Broken – And It is Broken

We hope the Tenant appeals, but they are still locked out of their home.

Harsh Results!

The Tenants signed for the long term. Now they are faced with horrific challenges. They need to find new housing, new schools, expensive moving their belongings, and even might have to quit their jobs.

The Emotional Toll Was Huge!

Imagine having your home taken away from you. All because of a loophole that allows landlords to use an “ap” as a weapon. We need more protections!

Good Landlords Will Understand Your Worries And Offer You A Real Lease That Protect BOTH Parties!

I’m not saying all landlords will use this “LTB/RTA LOOPHOLE” but based on this experience it’s important for all of us to do whatever it takes to protect ourselves and our family.

Good landlords will always be happy to get you to sign with the Ontario Government Lease.

How Can You Download The Ontario Government Lease To Sign With Your Landlord?

You can download it for free here.

When this is signed you get Tenant protections from the Landlord and Tenant Board under the laws of the Residential Tenancies Act.

Stay Informed And Stay Safe

With scorching rising rents and fewer and fewer affordable rentals out there make sure you are informed and make sure you protect you and your family.