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Ontario Landlord Arrested For Assaulting Tenant’s Friend During Move-Out

Friday, October 26th, 2012

October 26th, 2012


Landlords Make Sure You Always Keep Your Cool Dealing With Tenants!

A Campbellford, Ontario landlord was charged with criminal assault after an argument with her former tenant.

What Happened?

A tenant was moving out of an apartment located on Ireton Street. According to  this led to an argument began between the landlord and the exiting tenant. The landlord lost her cool and bad things happened. She should have hired professional help.

Was the Tenant Breaking the Lease? Damaged the Property? Something Else?

It wasn’t mentioned. She could have done nothing wrong. Or she could have been another Tenant from Hell. The tenant’s friend was helping her move and waiting in a car when the argument began.

I Hope She Waited in the Car Because the Landlord/Tenant Dispute Was None of Her Business, Right?

The tenant’s friend went to see what was going on and also began arguing with the landlord.

Did The Tenant’s Friend Know the Landlord?

No. They had never met before.

What Happened During the Argument Leading to an Arrest?

During the argument the 74 year old landlord, Priscilla Duff, apparently “slapped” the tenant’s friend on her face during the argument.

The landlord is a 74 Years Old Woman?  Did the Tenant’s Friend Require Medical Attention?


What Happened Next?

The tenant’s friend went to the Ontario Provincial Police.


Landlord Priscilla Duff was arrested. and will appear at the Ontario Court of Justice on Tuesday December 4th 2012 in Brighton, Ontario at 9:30 am.


Ontario Landlords this is a wake-up call. Protect yourself and keep your emotions in check. Keep cool with your tenants no matter what happens. Always use proper channels such as Small Claims Court to seek justice against bad tenants.