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OLA Community Association Members – “BEAT THE HEAT” For Our Valued Tenant Clients

Saturday, July 15th, 2023

In the summer of 2022 we launched our “Beat The Heat” campaign.

Many in our community association used to be renters before and were upset when they saw that some corporate landlords tried to evict long term tenants just because they wanted to keep the air conditioners to create a comfortable living environment.

With climate change and rising temperatures our community disagreed with what these corporations were doing.

In fact, many in our community association used to be renters and were furious! This was just not fair and just not right. And also bad business practices.

The System Is Improving, But Not Fast Enough

There have been some changes in 2023 thanks to our individual community members and the great work from some really great Tenant groups who work hard for fairness and justice.

Tenants want to live in safe and comfortable housing?….Of Course! 

There’s nothing “mysterious” about it: everyone wants to live in a safe and comfortable home.

There are rules for minimum temperatures in winter, so many in our community have been calling for rules for maximum temperatures.

OLA Community Wants Win-Win Relationship With Our Tenants

Our community had a great discussion on this and keep trying to make things better

We have made it clear that providing safe and comfortable housing is the key to success. Tenants appreciate landlords who make sure our rentals are the best on the market. We stressed that landlords should be “the landlords they always hoped to find” when we were renting.

Join Our Community And Become A Successful Landlord In 2023!

Join us in helping tenants “Beat The Heat” as small ‘mom and pop’ landlords in our community continue to lead the way to improve the rental industry for landlord-tenant fair relationships.

Make sure your valued Tenants are safe and comfortable and become the landlord you always wanted to find! 

THE OLA ‘MAKE POSITIVE CHANGE DRIVE’ – Give Proper Notice And Make Sure Your Rentals Are ‘Fire Safe’ (and have working smoke detectors)

Tuesday, January 10th, 2023

The most experienced and successful landlords in our community association know that tenants want to live in safe properties. No one should live in dangerous conditions and our members agree.

Most of our members used to rent and know finding a safe property who makes ‘house safety’ a priority is very important. This is why the latest news being discussed on our forums have many of our members unhappy and why we need to push hard to get landlords trained.

Wasaga Landlord Charged With Failing To Maintain Smoke Alarms

According to a report in Wasaga Sun via Simcoe news the owner a multi-unit rental faces nine charges.

The charges are under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act after firefighters were alerted to the situation in July.

Crews attended the building on 12th Street South on July 18, and arrived to find a resident attempting to put out a fire in one of the units with a garden hose.

In his monthly update to council, fire Chief Craig Williams said the fire was caused by a cellphone that malfunctioned while it was being charged. The resident who was trying to put out the fire was treated for smoke inhalation, and first- and second-degree burns on their hands.

The fire was contained to the one unit, though units above it had some smoke damage.

A further inspection of the entire building by firefighters led to the owner being charged with failing to install or maintain smoke alarms, a citation that carries a $360 fine for each charge if the person charged pays the fine rather than goes to court.

Should a charge go to court, Williams said, a conviction carries a fine of $50,000 per charge, and a year in jail.

“It serves as a reminder that landlords are responsible to provide working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms,” he said.

In an interview with, Williams said an alarm system in the building that uses heat detectors did go off to alert the residents to evacuate.

“However, in that complex, there are also standalone smoke alarms in each individual unit, and what we found was those standalone smoke alarms were either missing or they weren’t working,” he said.

We started our association to educate small landlords to be the landlords we always wanted to find and rent from.

Time To Make Sure Your Rentals Are Fire-Safe (and the smoke detectors are working!)

Take action NOW!

Make sure you give proper notice to your tenants and create the safe and comfortable rentals that we always wanted to find.

OLA Members Will Make Our Rentals Safe and Secure To Improve The Rental Industry! 

Our Members Will Become the Landlords We Always Wanted To Rent From!

Tenant: I Called The By-Law Department Directly And They Ordered My Landlord To Fix Things…Or Get A Huge Fine!

Thursday, August 1st, 2019

As part of our “Let’s Improve the Ontario Rental Industry” we have invited landlords and tenants to share their opinions on how we can make these improvements. These opinions are from individual contributors and are not the opinions of the Ontario Landlords Association. We believe by fostering communication between landlords and tenants we can improve the Ontario rental industry


You Can Make Sure You Get Fast Repairs By Just Calling Your Local By-Laws Department Directly And Reporting Your Landlord

Sorry I’m not a professional writer or anything but people here encouraged me to share my story to help other tenants. There have been lots of great tenant posts that have helped others like How Ontario Tenants Can Easily Break a Lease, so I’ll try.

Second, this has nothing to do with all the good landlords out there who care about their tenants and make sure their rentals are safe.  This is just about the bad landlords.

I’m a single mum renting a place. As a single mum having a clean and safe property is a priority for me. So when I saw black mold in the bathroom I needed to act to protect my kids!

I called the landlord on Saturday night and texted 5 times and got no reply!

Even by Tuesday no reply, that’s 4 days of potentially poisoning my child!

I went to the Ontario tenants forum and asked others what to do and they said call the by-laws department directly and there is no need to even talk to your landlord because every city and town has laws for maintaining safe houses and tenants can call by-laws directly.

Landlords must follow the law!

By-Law Officer Was Professional And On My Side!

The by-laws officer came the next day and I asked her to do a huge, complete inspection of the rental house to protect me and my kids and she agreed.  She saw the black mold.

But it didn’t end there, as the Officer inspected the entire rental property! 

I was so happy to have help and protection for me and my family! She also found a lot of other issues (wiring, insulation) and even found the shingles were not up to code!

The by-laws officer said she would send a letter to the landlord demanding things get fixed or the landlord would be fined thousands of dollars. The landlord was also given a firm date to do the repairs, so they couldn’t “play games.”

A week later the landlord contacted me and gave me a schedule for lots of contractors to come to fix the mold and all the other issues.

I said “NO! You need to follow MY SCHEDULE or I will call the By-Law Officer again!” 

My landlord agreed fast, because he was worried that I was a smart tenant who knows my rights and he can’t treat me like crap or I will call the by-laws department again!

Tenants if you have any problems don’t even waste your time to call your landlord.  They are cheap and stingy and don’t care about you and your children at all!

Don’t waste time…call the by-laws department directly and they will come, you let them in, and you show them all the potential problems.

Then, the fight is between by-laws and your landlord, not you and your landlord.

And landlords get scared when the government is involved and will respect you and fear you for know how to protect your rights! They also know if they get fined the government will collect it.

Tenants Can Call By-Laws Directly And They Will Force Your Landlord To Make Repairs Or Get Charged Thousands of Dollars

Good landlords who take care of their rental properties don’t need to worry. But if you have a bad landlord you can call by-laws directly and make your landlord scared and obey your every command!

How Can You Contact Your Local By-Laws Department? 

Just call your city or town. And ask the receptionist to put you through to “the by-law department”.  It’s easy and they are excellent!

Ontario Tenants – Bad Landlords Are Out There But You Can Protect Yourself!