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At Last, Tenant from Hell Moves Out

October 6th, 2012


Ontario Landlord Finally Gets His House Back!

Toronto landlord Darius Vakili has finally seen his legal problem, also known as his ‘Tenant From Hell”, finally leave his property. 

His case shows the importance of tenant screening, the legal problems faced by Ontario landlords, and how difficult it is for landlords to find solutions when you get a bad tenant.

Is It Finally Over?

His tenant, Nina Willis, has at last packed her things and been forced to move on.

What Does the Landlord Say?

Vakili, inside his trashed and dirty vacant rental property said: “The one good thing they did for me was they took their stuff.”  It’s been a long 14 months for him.

When Was Willis Evicted?

Willis was evicted (finally) in September after a year long battle. There was an LTB ruling in April stating she must move out due to failing to pay rent.

Willis  had to return within a time-frame of 72 hours to pack and move. Willis did this on Friday and Saturday.

How Did Willis Leave the Rental Property When She Finally Left?

After Willis left, the landlord oufnd wood floors and walls of the house were covered in filth!. Vakili said he was too upset and disgusted to describe how bad the property was.

And the Basement?

We was the basement carpet was streaked with stains, with trash including broken glass.

Any Smells?

The property wreaked of mildew and old cigarette smoke.

What Were the Worst Things She Did?

Landlord Vakili almost broke down as he looked a destroyed carpet and said “This was a white, clean carpet. My God!”

What Else Did the Landlord Find?

Last week, the landlord Vakili managed to access the main door into his home for the first time in a year!

Once in what did he see? A load of excrement.  The excrement was put in a place he could see it: right on the top stair near the entrance!

What Happened During Her Move-Out?

The move was a drama filled event that took 2 days.

Willis and her sister and two anonymous men came with a U-haul and took over 5 hours picking up her prized debris.

What About Inside the House?

Inside the house he showed how the windows of one upstairs bedroom, accessible to anyone who could climb onto the top of the garage, had been removed and lay on the floor.

Vakili said he plans to spend about two weeks cleaning and fixing up the house and then try to sell.

Where Will Willis Live Now? Has She Found a New Rental Home?

Willis may already have a place to live.

On Saturday morning, her sister shouted their plans to her former landlord and a Star reporter.

“We have a new house.”

Is it your rental property?

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Ontario Landlords, don’t let this happen to you and your rental property.  Remember to do proper tenant screening (including credit checks) and don’t let a Tenant from Hell move into your home or you will face the same landlord legal problems.

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