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We Need Changes To The Residential Tenancies Act & The Landlord and Tenant Board To Protect Our Rental Properties From Tenants Smoking Marijuana and Growing Plants In Our Rental Properties

Experienced and successful Ontario landlords say the issue of legalized marijuana is one of the biggest issues we have faced in 20 years.  Learn more here.

The situation is urgent!

TAKE ACTION by sharing your concerns about the challenges landlords face and why we need urgent changes to the Residential Tenancies Act and the Landlord and Tenant Board.

We need new laws to protect us from tenants smoking weed and growing marijuana plants in our rental properties.

(Make sure you realize the current policies were created by the defeated Liberal government and not by the new PC government).

If you agree use the form below to send your thoughts to Premier Ford and Housing Minister Clark and let them know we need changes to protect our rental properties! 

Submissions will be sent to the Premier and Housing Minister. (You need to use your real name and real email address.)

Take Action and Make Your Voice Heard!

Message to Send

Dear Premier Ford and Housing Minister Clark
Small Ontario landlords are important stake-holders in the rental industry. We have “skin in the game” with our  properties. We aren’t rich corporations, we are real folks all over Ontario who have put our hard earned money into creating high quality, affordable housing.  We need to be protected from tenants who smoke marijuana and grow plants in our rentals.
Sincerely, A Concerned Ontario Landlord