Ontario Landlords Association

About The Ontario Landlords Association Website

“To promote and protect the private residential landlord !”

Welcome to the Ontario Landlords Association Website!

We started as a group of small landlords who thought it was time to promote the best services available and network and help each other succeed beginning nearly 15 years ago.

Who Are We?

We are not a lobby group and not political. We encourage all our readers (landlords, tenants, others) to follow our democratic processes and make their voices heard to elected officials. That’s how democracy works.

We are a community association of volunteers across the province helping landlords to know the laws and create Landlord-Tenant great relationships. We encourage our members to embrace our democratic society and contact their political leaders (and even think about engaging the political process themselves).

We were the first to do this.

Who Owns The Ontario Landlords Association?

There is no “ownership”, we are a community association starting over a decade ago.  We are all small landlords who try to help each other and other landlords. Our volunteers help us create blog posts and more. And our volunteers change regularly. We regularly recruit new volunteers to help us grow and succeed and help out in all processes.  It’s a huge community!

If you can help us please let us know!

And by educating small landlords, we are also helping tenants and trying to make the entire Ontario rental industry more professional and fair.

We are an all-volunteer group, a province-wide community of individuals, who want to improve the rental industry and provide good, safe properties. We invite all small landlords who want to improve the residential rental industry to volunteer and help us out.   

We’re all in this together.

We make sure our community understands and follows the Residential Tenancies Act and work hard to make positive changes to help good landlords AND good tenants succeed.

Take a look at the services the site recommends and join our growing community to become a successful landlord.

Our partners include long term team-ups with the same screening services used by the Ontario gov’t, Equifax, McDonalds, and the Canadian Olympic Teams.

All services advertised have always been delivered to our members. Not one single member has not received the services they signed up for. Not one!


The OLA is not political or partisan. We do encourage our members and readers to appreciate we live in a democracy and that every vote counts.


We do appreciate the Ontario Liberal government for calling us a positive voice for improving the rental industry.  Yes, the Liberal government with Kathleen Wynne who our members reported was amazing in discussing serious issues and trying to make housing affordable and fair and provided great communication for landlords.

We are happy to be recognized for our fair and balanced message of professionalism, lawfulness and the democratic process.

It’s time we worked together to make positive changes for good landlords and good tenants in Ontario, in Canada, and across the world!