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The Ontario Landlords Association for small business landlords (OLA) exists to protect and promote the interests of private residential landlords. With most OLA members owning or managing rentals of less than 10 units, we are important stake-holders playing an important role in the Ontario economy. And our voices have often been silent. The OLA provides a comprehensive range of benefits and services to its members and strives to raise standards in rented accommodation.

Landlords are frequently looked down upon in the media and by disgruntled renters while the truth is that many landlords are committed to their work and to providing good quality housing for their tenants

Small business landlords often assume great risk when they rent out their home or condo. They could be faced with a tenant who does not pay rent, who conducts illegal activity from their suite or who causes extensive damage. Evicting a tenant in Ontario is a complex and lengthy process that can take many months and is sometimes unsuccessful. Small business landlords are rarely acknowledged for the risks they face as well as for the vital service they provide.”

The OLA seeks to safeguard landlords’ legitimate interests by making their collective voice heard by local and central government and the media. The OLA seeks a fair legislative and regulatory environment for the private-rented sector while aiming to ensure that landlords are aware of their statutory rights and responsibilities towards their tenants.

The OLA for small business landlords welcomes media attention and can offer experts in all areas of the “landlording” experience. From ‘begbugs’ to ‘rent increases’ to ‘the effects of the HST’, the OLA can give you a grass-roots, stake-holder view of your average Ontarian who has invested here.