Alcoholic, abusive, filthy tenant

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Alcoholic, abusive, filthy tenant

#1 Unread post by TDillon » April 1st, 2018, 7:35 pm

A tenant who is clearly an alcoholic - red face, glossy eyes, sudden illogical outbursts of anger and threats. FILTHY apartment in SHARED HVAC home - photos show dirty diapers on the floors of EVERY room! 7 feet high by 8 feet wide stacked cases of beer empties in the kitchen. Throwing things on the lawn, breaking things, slamming the door and shaking the entire house, yelling at our family and even at a friend who stopped by to drop something off at our front door (accidentally parked in her space in the driveway).

We have LITERALLY had to close our vents and have no heat throughout the entire winter because of the smell of feces. Our home was heated by ambient floor heat (from heat in the downstairs apartment).

But seemingly impossible to evict!

Issued Form N7 and provided photographic evidence and statements. Issued L2 and it takes 3 months to get a hearing!

Meanwhile, our family suffers, and is in fear of running into her in the yard or driveway.

I put her child's toys away in the toy shed I provided her with. She came home and literally THREW them all over the lawn! Then she slammed her door shaking the house all night. I knocked on her door and asked why the behaviour and she said I had no right to touch her child's toys. I told her we have a BLIZZARD WARNING!!! And I put them away because I have to bring the snowblower through. And that evening I spoke with her, the BLIZZARD HIT! 2 feet of snow! I have PHOTOGRAPHS to prove it!

And STILL I can't evict her!

This causes me so much anxiety. It's so unfair how landlords are treated. :|

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Re: Alcoholic, abusive, filthy tenant

#2 Unread post by SaultLord » April 1st, 2018, 7:47 pm

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