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Many tenants are rightfully worried about the election for Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservative government last June.

We can see now this treacherous gov't is trying to strip away Tenant rights like we are nothing but cannon fodder!

https://www.thestar.com/politics/provin ... tions.html

Let’s face it, Wynne should have stepped down and let someone fresh come in as Leader. Someone like Sandra Puppatello or even an outsider who hasn’t been elected before. But Wynne is people i dislike and it was always about Wynne and her cronies. Sousa was also a bad joke and the writing was on the wall back in 2017. Running to hire “The Wizard” was also pure idiocy. So now we are stuck with Doug…yikes!

Big Changes at the Landlord and Tenant Board

In September of 2018 a friend of mine who works in the Public Appointments Secretariat called me and said the Social Justice Tribunals were a real mess with lots of resignations and problems. Particularly, the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board was basically in revolt and the new PC MASTERS were demanding changes.

With a successful background in law and government, worker and gender/race advocacy, a female my friend said I should apply and I would 100% get hired. You see I have many friends in civil service and they know me and also know I’m an advocate for social justice. I was basically guaranteed to be hired on my references alone, IF I SHUT MY BIG MOUTH ON MY ADVOCACY.

You see, the Ontario bureaucracy is fighting against Ford. Look at the "leaks". They are also working hard to influence new hiring.

My friend said
“The only thing is you have to show you are neutral and will just follow the law. They are looking for people with experience like you have, but you have to preach NEUTRAL, NEUTRAL, And NEUTRAL because Ford is using the bureaucracy as a way to play to his rural base.”
So it was like George W. Bush Hiring Condaleeza Rice. I had the "look" they wanted and peed sitting down. I just had to show I was not 'political'. Unhappy about this, I decided it was a worthwhile endeavour to save so many vulnerable tenants from the Ford slaughterhouse.

So despite my successful career I decided to take a look at what was on offer.

Wow the Salaries Suck!

You offer sh*t you get sh*t. No wonder so many losers did this job before. $400 for part-time for hours of work? $100k for full-time driving the highways full of redneck cavemen in crapholes like Kingston, Guelph, Barrie, Etc.

No wonder tenants complain because these salaries are crap and no one with any ability would accept it.

Unless you have another agenda bigger than salary.

It’s Super Easy to Get Hired............and our organized group got most of them!

With these low salaries you are getting the lowest of the low. Great work Ford! But I saw the bigger picture otherwise who would apply for this crappy salary.

The Whole Hiring Process Seems Like a High School Musical

The whole process is so pathetic anyone with a brain will get hired. This just made it even easier for us.

Why I Applied? Why? It’s Called Operation: “TAKE OVER THE LTB”

As a long term Tenant Rights Supporter this was a way I could help create Social Justice from the Inside!

I contacted my network and let everyone know about this opportunity for us to TRULY TAKE OVER THE LANDLORD AND TENANT BOARD!

I believe Tenants in Ontario are being screwed over by the bad landlords and unqualified criminal property managers. This was a chance for me to play a key role in protecting Ontario Tenants.

Yes, this would mean less income but at this point in my life fighting for JUSTICE as an INSIDER and a KEY DECISION MAKER WITH REAL POWER attracted me.

So Easy To Get Hired

This lady got invited to interview in Toronto at 25 Grosvenor Street.

It was nice to meet Kim Bugby – Associate Chair, Landlord and Tenant Board, SJTO andn Egya Sangmuah – Vice Chair, Landlord and Tenant Board, SJTO

Both nice and cool and relaxed.

What About the Interview?

Structure of Interview Process....here was the process:

The interview process is structured as follows:

1. The interview questions were available to be reviewed, 30 minutes before the interview time.

2. There was an an oral interview which took approximately 50 minutes.

3. Following the oral interview, there was a one hour written assignment to be completed on computer. The written assignment was a mock Landlord and Tenant scenario for which I was be expected to write an order. The relevant legislation will be provided along with the scenario.


In accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code, if you require an accommodation to participate in the interview process, please let me know as soon as possible.

Reference Check Consent Form

During the process you will be required to complete a Reference Check Consent Form identifying individuals who can comment on your work performance. Therefore, your current manager/supervisor should be included as one of your references. Please complete the form attached and give it to the lead panel member on the date of your interview.

We Need People In Positions of Power “INSIDE THE SYSTEM”

So I’m A New Adjudicator At The LTB...........I was told this by a friend just days later as I would not even apply if this wasn't set up for me from day 1. And others too.

The Ontario system is one that has a systemic problem that favours landlords over tenants.

Under the radical Trump-like Ford will only make things worse.

The whole purpose of this post despite the election of Herr Furher Ford and his band of Alabama type supporters tenants have friends at the Landlord and Tenant Board

I’m Just One Of Many Who Seek Social Justice As New Adjudicators!

Tenants I will fight for you!

Tenant Rights Will Be Protected Thanks To Our Undercover Operation!

We now have put in a huge number of Pro-Tenant adjudicators under the auspices of:


How Can We Protect Tenants From Landlords in A Power Position?

We will be very discreet about how we handle this.

This is why we all said neutral, neutral, neutral.

The reality is adjudicators have a lot of power.

We will not show this during Hearings.

Instead we will focus on our decisions and orders to avoid any unwanted attention.

Tenants Do Not Be Afraid To Go To The Board

A majority of the new LTB Adjudicators are more tenant rights friendly than under the Liberals!

We have worked tirelessly with insiders within the bureaucracy so Ford's 3 remaining years will not harm Tenant Rights...even if he changes the RTA we will ignore it. 8-)

By working to bring over qualified professionals to apply we completely wiped up those who were just "trying to get a pay check".

Adjudicators have a ton of leeway and myself and the other in our group are going to make sure these rich landlords suffer no matter what Hitlerford does to change the RTA.

How Can We Protect Tenants?

Courts are not 'black and white.' We will allow tenants to speak more often, we we will allow Tenant Duty Counsel full leeway, we will cut off landlords and intimate you. Every benefit of the doubt will go Tenants who are suffering and vulnerable.

Landlords you better be careful because you are inherently exploiters of the WORKING CLASS and our group will soon rule the LTB and do everything in our power to protect tenants. We have organized many of your new hires and we share our ELECTRIC support to protect Tenants.

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Like a worm in the apple!

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Let's encourage Tenants, but let us not warn all the landlord predators out there at the same time.

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I would be interested in fighting for tenant rights as an LTB adjudicator too.

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