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Tenant Screening for Ontario Landlords: Tenant Credit Checks and Tenant Criminal Checks

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

 Ontario landlords Tenant Credit Checks Tenant Criminal Checks

Lots of Good Tenants Are Out There, Make Sure You You Find Them With A Tenant Credit Check

The Ontario Landlords Association continues to stress the importance of tenant screening to landlords across Ontario.

We’ve seen far too many ‘Tenant from Hell’ nightmarish situations landlords have faced this year.

The cases are broad and reveal a huge variety of abuse of landlords and their income properties their hard-earned money allowed them to buy.

This abuse includes everything from non-payment of rent, to damages,and more.

We Demand More Respect for Small Business Landlords

Small landlords in Ontario are an important provider of high quality, affordable housing for tenants.

We are an important part of the Ontario social and financial system.

Most Ontario landlords are decent, hard-working people who have risked thousands of dollars to create rental property businesses.

They took a risk, invested lots of money, and hope for a decent return on their investment.

They also expect a fair system for landlord and tenant disputes.

The Landlord and Tenant Board Is Unfair to Small Landlords

Landlords across Ontario face bad tenants who abuse the Landlord and Tenant Board regularly.

We have seen numerous cases where landlords have been abused by their bad tenants and the system in 2013.

We are calling for changes to the Residential Tenancies Act and major reform to the Landlord and Tenant Board.

We are also calling for a new joint tenant-landlord oversight of the Tenant Duty Counsel program which many landlords believe is not serving it’s original purpose.

The Globe and Mail also says bad tenants are the reason so many landlords decide to leave the industry and sell their income property.

How Can I Be a Successful Landlord in Ontario?

There are lots of good tenants out there. You need to find them to avoid the anti-landlords system in Ontario.

Good tenants will always pay the rent. They will also show consideration to the landlord and not damage the rental property.

The problem is there is a minority of bad tenants who are often very aggressive.

You need to make sure to avoid renting to these bad tenants and make your rental business open to all the good tenants out there who want to find a great rental property and a professional and courteous landlord.

How Can I Find Good Tenants?

According to the Toronto Star, bad tenants can be avoided with proper tenant screening.

You need to make sure you know who you are renting to before you sit down to sign the lease, take first and last, and hand over the keys.

Tenant Credit Checks

A tenant check is absolutely essential for Ontario landlords.

A tenant check doesn’t lie.

It provides you with a comprehensive financial history of the person who wants to rent your property.

What you will see may amaze you.

You can find out if your potential tenant pays (or doesn’t pay) their bills.

You will see if your potential tenant has mistreated past landlords and received judgments.

This is only the tip of the iceberg.

A tenant credit check allows you to really get to know the person (tenant) you are doing business with (renting out your property too).

The Ontario Landlords Association works with the highest quality of companies to give you the services you need to succeed.

For a one time member fee we offer you affordable costs on tenant credit checks and other services.

Take your rental business seriously and aim for success by screening your tenants carefully and finding one of the many good tenants out there!

Brantford Landlords Watch Out – Rental Property Ad Scam Has Arrived

Friday, February 1st, 2013

February 1st, 2013

 Ontario Landlords Watch Out Rental Property Online Scam


As if Ontario Landlords don’t have enough to watch out for in 2013.

We already have to deal with grow ops, small rent increases, and bad tenants. Now an international rental property scam is targeting landlords and tenants in Brantford, Ontario.

According to a news article in the Expositor newspaper, the fraud unit of the Brantford police is warning landlords and tenants to be cautious of online apartment ads.

The fraud unit has been notified of several victims who have been scammed after responding to online ads for rentals. People looking for new place to rent first see places online. They contact the landlords for the properties they are interested in renting. After communicating with the landlord, they are told to transfer money. Except the person they sent the money too isn’t really the landlord.

This scam is also occurring in Alberta and other cities in Ontario.

Here’s a story on about the scam in Edmonton:

Edmonton Tenants and Landlords Under Attack From Online Scammers

In one case in Brantford the fake landlord called himself “Ron.”  To sound convincing “Ron” provided not one but two phone numbers to potential tenants (his potential victims). One number was for Houston, Texas. The second number was from an area code in North Carolina.

The interested tenants sent their rent deposits via Western Union to Ron’s “account” in Nevada. In return, “Ron” said the keys to their new rental home would be sent by courier to them to the airport in Brantford.

Unfortunately, “Ron” wasn’t the landlord and the potential tenants were defrauded.

Brantford police encourage tenants to make sure offers for rental properties are real and to make sure the rental property advertised actually exists. You should also visit the property and try to meet the landlord at the rental. Landlords and tenants can also use reputable companies to find great tenants and great properties.

Brantford Landlords are the latest targets for scams. Landlords all over Ontario should be cautious because the scam appears to be spreading fast.

Ontario Landlords – Find Good Tenants! Get Credit Checks For Only $10/Check

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

November 1st, 2012

Ontario Landlords – Become a Member of the Ontario Landlords Association and Find Good Tenants! Get Premium Credit Checks for Only $10 Per Check!

The key to becoming a successful landlord in Ontario is finding good tenants and avoiding the bad ones.

What’s a “Good” Tenant?

A good tenant is someone who pays the rent on time, respects the lease and the landlord, and takes care of your rental property like it’s their own home.

What’s a “Bad” Tenant?

There are many out there! A bad tenant is someone who won’t pay the rent. Or damages your property. Or both.

You want to find a tenant who will respect you, the property, and the law. Good tenants are out there, waiting for you to find them.

How Can I Find Good Tenants and Avoid the Bad Ones?

One of the best tenant screening tools is a credit check.

What Does a Credit Check Do?

A credit check will give you vital information about your potential renter.

That’s Exactly What I Want!

This is what ever smart and professional landlord wants.  And the Ontario Landlords Association which is made up of landlords knows it and give Ontario landlords the deal of a life-time!

How Do I Do a Credit Check?

Members of the Ontario Landlords Association are assisted every step of the way to do a credit check via TVS or Equifax.

What Can A Credit Check Tell Me About a Potential Tenant?


Let’s take a look at why a credit check is an essential part of the screening process for Ontario landlords.

#1:  Tenants with Good Credit Have a Proven History of Paying Their Bills

A tenant with good credit obviously has a history of paying their bills on time.  Someone’s financial past is an important indicator of the present. A strong history of paying the bills means it’s more likely they will pay your the rent.

#2:  Tenants with Good Credit are Likely to Want to Keep Their Good Credit

If a tenant has great credit (especially in the  uncertain economic world we live in today!) they will want to keep it. Tenants with good credit scores will not jeopardize their scores by screwing their landlord around.

#3.  Good Credit Means the Tenants Understand How A Business Runs

When you rent to a tenant who has a history of good credit they will understand your position as a business person.  They will understand your insistence of getting rent paid ON TIME!

How Much Does a Credit Check Cost?

Most financial companies want annual membership fees and charge over $20/check.  Ontario Landlords Association members can avoid these high financial hurdles and get premium credit checks for only $10/check with no annual fee!

This Is Awesome!

Landlords know what landlords need. The Ontario Landlords Association exists to protect and assist landlords. When you own your own rental properties, with your own money, and face the everyday challenges of being a landlord in Ontario you know what tools and services you  need to succeed.


Ontario Landlords – Become a Member of the Ontario Landlords Association and Get Premium Credit Checks For Only $10/check from your Home or Office Computer.  It’s the Landlord Deal of a Life-Time!

What’s Happening in July 2012 with the Toronto ‘Tenant from Hell’ ?

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

July 1st, 2012


What’s the Latest on Nina Willis, the Ontario “Tenant from Hell”?

Our 2012 “Tenant from Hell” Nina wills was told by judge Thea Herman  in June to pay her landlord the rent owed.  Read more here.

How Much Was the Rent Owed?

Willis was ordered to pay her current landlord a sum of $8,250 by money order or by certified cheque.

That’s A Lot of Money!  Did She Finally Pay?

Despite her history of evictions and long list of bounced checks, Willis followed the Superior Court judge’s order and actually paid almost all of the owed money to avoid an eviction.

That’s Surprising!

Well, where else would she move to?  Her face was on the Toronto Star and landlords all over Toronto have come to know her, and to avoid her.

What Would Have Happened if Willis Didn’t Pay?

There was some real motivation for Willis.  If she didn’t meet the judge’s ordered deadline her appeal of an order by the Landlord and Tenant Board to evict her would be void.

The board ruled that Willis must leave because she failed to pay rent. Willis, 48, alleges in court documents she was ordered out because of a “factual error” at the hearing and because she didn’t have an “opportunity to participate.”

Herman had said there was “no dispute” that Willis hadn’t paid rent, but it wasn’t clear if her appeal was “utterly devoid of merit.” In addition to paying the $8,250,

What About Future Rent? (Today is the First of the Month!)

Willis was told she must pay $1,650 to her landlord at the first of each month.

If she doesn’t pay the rest of what she owes on Monday, or pay her rent on time each month, the landlord’s lawyer could take action to have her appeal defeated, lifting the stay on her eviction.

Did Willis Say Anything?

In front of the just Willis promised to follow the order.

Willis said “I do want to pay. I have to pay because that has nothing to do with my case.”

What Happens Now?

Willis has been fighting off various eviction orders for seven months now.  Her usual excuse is claiming the rental property is is deficient for health and even safety standards.

For the landlord, this is another defeat.  He states that he originally planned to present the property to his daughter.  Now that Willis has paid up to this point, he can’t do it.

What’s the Lesson From All This?

The lesson is being a landlord in Ontario is a dangerous game.  It can end up costing you thousands of dollars and months of stress.

Any Advice for Landlords to Avoid Hellish Tenants like Willis?

Yes.  Tenant Screening.  OLA members are offered credit checks for only $10.  Become an OLA member, read posts in the private members forum, use property documents, screen carefully, and do credit checks!

As a member of the Ontario Landlords Association you can avoid these Tenants from Hell and rent to good tenants!

OLA members can do credit checks for only $10.  Isn’t that worth saving yourself from a Tenant from Hell costing you thousands?



Small Scale Landlords Targeted by Bad Tenants?

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

January 25th, 2012

You are a small scale landlord.  You offer a great property at a great price and hope to find a nice and decent tenant.

Have you been “targeted?”

Here is a recent post on Kijiji:


Posted: Thu Jan 12, 2012 5:38 pm Post subject: Social Justice? LLs Won’t Rent to: OW/ODSP/Bad Credit!

More and more Tenants across Ontario are finding landlords are colluding and scheming to create a joint force of DISCRIMINATION against people on government assistance or have damaged credit!!

If you are on OW or ODSP, or have damaged credit get ready for rental doors to be SHUT on you!

Thousands of good Tenants face discrimination in the rental market daily and need to fight back!!

If you are on OW or ODSP or have damaged credit, here are some tips for you to get into a rental to make your home.

1. Do not waste your time with corporate landlords. They have policies of discrimination. If they know you are on social assistance they will shred your application and not reply. It is corporate policy! I acted as a landlord and called a building and spoke with a property manager who said their policy is not written down, yet every manager knows the corporate Minto policy is: NO OW, NO ODSP, NO GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE.

2. To avoid wasting time and money, it is best to find a “mom and pop” landlord. You won’t find them on most of the paid rental websites because they want to save costs. You can look here at Kijiji where ads are free. Or if you have a friend with a car, drive around and you will see some “For Rent” signs on lawns. Third idea is to go to local places like Price Chopper, Freshco, Metro, No Frill and look at their free bulletin boards. “Mom and Pop” landlords will put free ads there.

3. Mom and Pop landlords don’t check credit because they don’t like to pay $50 to check. Unlike the corporate landlords who all sign up to credit check services and have a policy of checking everyone. So if you have damaged credit this is your best bet.

4. Never say you are on “welfare” when you meet the landlords. This is an instant redflag for them. Say “Ontario Works” or “ODSP.” Many mom and pop landlords don’t know the terminology.

5. If the mom and pop landlords question you about Ontario Works or ODSP make sure you tell them it is “government assistance” and that means the rent money will come directly from the government to the landlord. The landlord likes the sound of this security.

6. To seal the deal, most Mom and Pop landlords rely on a former landlord reference. This is impossible if you are coming from a shelter or had problems with your last Misunderstood landlord. It’s a good idea to get friend with a cell phone to act as your last landlord. It may be a bit dishonest, but finding a home is about survival and having a safe home is more important than a little fib. Make sure you write down some details for your friend. For example, an address, an amount of rent, and the date you moved in. Also make sure your friend says some things the Mom and Pop landlords love to hear like

“She was very clean and quiet.”
“The rent came directly from the government.”
“I’m sad to see him go.”

7. Remember, even you pay a deposit it doesn’t mean you can get the place. You need the key and need to put some of your stuff in the property. That means legally it is your place and you finally get a few Tenant rights.

8. When you move some stuff in, take some pictures for proof you have possession.

9. If you have pet, do not tell the landlord. As soon as you move in, you can bring in your pet and you cannot be evicted for this.

10. When you are a tenant make sure you read the Landlord and Tenant Board website because you finally have some rights. The important thing is to get in the rental and get a Home.

Is the Ontario system fair?  Look into it.  Contact your local MPP.  Just realize: you have been targeted!